Will Internet News Replace Newspapers?

Will Internet news replace newspapers? With the fastest growing online media, print media started to lose its value. But will it become extinct? See the facts.

Will Internet News Replace Newspapers?
Will Internet News Replace Newspapers

As the internet is easily available almost everywhere, you can rarely see people reading newspapers nowadays. Most of them just browse the internet and visit an online newspaper portal to know the current scoop as they are way more updated and dynamic than print media.

So, what do you think? Will Internet news replace newspapers?

Let’s learn the facts.

Newspapers Are About to Die?

In today’s reality, it’s a fact that newspapers are dying. The number of readers of the hardcopy is decreasing day by day. This eventually makes the advertiser prefer digital newspapers over traditional hardcopy.

With the loss of readership and advertisements, the print media are already struggling, and maybe in a few years later, we won’t see them anymore.

Why Internet News Is Better?

The advantages of internet news are as follows-

More Advanced and Faster

The new generation is more into electronic devices and prefers to be updated about the current news as soon as something happens. And online newspapers and social media provide this chance effortlessly.

No matter where you are, you can not only read but also watch and hear about the latest issues.

So when print media come up with news in the morning, the whole nation already knows all the details as soon as the incidents occur.

Free to Access

On the other hand, the cost is also a fact behind the popularity of internet news. You know, you have to pay to purchase a newspaper while most of the online media are free to access. So, why will anyone buy a paper to see the same news they already know about, even if the cost is very little?


You know, to make papers, a lot of trees have to sacrifice their lives. So, isn’t it better to save (at least fewer) trees and produce less paper?

In my opinion, when we have the chance to save the earth, even if the contribution is very little, we should go for it.

How The Newspapers Are Changing?

Well, the fact is just because most people don’t read papers anymore doesn’t mean the whole industry is on the brink of extinction!

Like every other successful thing, this industry also learns to evaluate. That’s why you can see every print media and TV Channels nowadays have their own online portal.

Through their website, they serve the news more efficiently and quickly. And we must say that the leading media also do a good job in their online version and have thousands of visitors regularly.

Why Aren’t Papers Dead Yet?

Undoubtedly, internet news has much more to offer than a hardcopy newspaper. Still, newspapers are not dead. You will also be surprised to know that, even before the internet came, many people predicted newspapers would be no more after the invasion of Radio and TV.

Ironically, even TV and radio have almost lost their fame, but the newspaper is still in operation.

Are you wonder why this happens? The following few points might be the reasons.

The Quality of The News Is Maintained

The time a journalist spends writing an article is important to maintain quality. You see, in an online news portal, everyone hurried to publish news faster than the others. As a result, most of the time, they don’t even verify the source, just publish the news as soon as it comes.

And within this hurry, the quality of writing also might drop.

On the other hand, print media have enough time on their hand to verify something before publishing. They also can spend much more time in writing.

So, if a reader is more into well-structured and reliable news, they avoid the online news portal for sure.

No Distractions

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get really angry when I read an important article, and suddenly out of nowhere, a pop-up adds appears. And not only that, but the advertising section also sometimes creates distractions as they are very close to the news lines.

Well, not everyone indeed finds these disturbing, but if you do, you will certainly like the traditional hardcopy more.

Reading Habits

In this era of digitalization, some readers still prefer hardcopy. They find it much more convenient to read.

Final Words

So, will Internet news replace newspapers? The answer is, it might be. Maybe in the near future, we will have only the digital version of newspapers. However, unless readership habits change, the hard copy will be with us for many more days for sure.