Why is Amouage Perfume So Expensive?

You may hear the name of Amouage perfume. But do you know why they are so expensive? Know why is Amouage perfume so expensive?

Why is Amouage Perfume So Expensive?
Amouage Perfume

Amouage is a very popular and prominent luxury brand out there. They are very well-known for their perfume and fragrance worldwide.

Since it is a luxury perfume brand, the perfumes are very expensive.


This article reveals why is Amouage Perfume so expensive? Let’s know.

Yet you can find a cheaper version of it— inspired Amouage fragrance for men.

A brief story of Amouage:

Amouage is also known as one of the most expensive international iconic perfume brands. Founded by the Sultanate of Oman in 1983, this brand always tries to bring out the Arabian art of perfume by their innovation and modernity.

Amouage perfumes have a unique type of smell. They use rare ingredients and raw materials to formulate their perfume. And all those special substances are usually very expensive. That is why Amouage perfumes are very expensive than any other regular perfume.

Amouage brand has a very good global reputation. They are most popular and well-recognized in Paris, New York, Geneva, and middle eastern countries. Each of their perfume is hand-made and formulated with elegant ingredients.

Why is Amouage perfume so expensive?

 Amouage has a big global audience. So, they make their products targeting the global audience. That is why they never compromise with their product quality. You will only find their products on selected websites and the finest department or boutique stores.

They are always committed to providing the highest product quality. Also, they use very rich and high-end ingredients for their perfume. Since their perfumes are hand-made, their craftsmen are very experienced and expert in their field. Needless to say, the perfume bottle and packing are also very premium.

Additionally, their signature perfumes are called in various luxury names, such as Gold, Epic, Dia, Honour, Jubilation, Reflection, and many more. For maintaining the highest quality and all those factors mentioned above, Amouage perfumes are pretty expensive than any other regular perfume.

How much Amouage perfume costs:

There are various sizes and shapes of the bottle of Amouage perfume. The different bottle comes in different size and shape. As a result, the price varies depending on the aroma and the size.

If you want to buy their standard signature items (i.e. Gold, Dia, reflection), you may need to spend like $250-$300.

They also offer some miniatures package sets where you will find four or five perfume variations. But those miniatures come in a small bottle and small size. That is why you will get them at a cheaper rate of about $200-$265. You also have some more affordable options.

If you want to try out the fragrance first, you can also buy their sample package sets. You will get 2ml 4 sample pieces at $55 only. You can also buy gift packages to present to someone on their birthday or special occasion. But gift boxes are always a bit costly compared to the normal ones.

Where to buy Amouage Perfume?

You can buy Amouage perfume online and offline. But one of the easiest ways to purchase Amouage perfume is online. If you go to the Amouage official website, you will find every perfume collection there.

But you may need to spend a little bit more if you buy from their official websites. Some third-party websites sell Amouage perfume. Sometimes, they sell those perfumes with big offers. If you can buy from them, you’ll get a discount and save some money.

Additionally, you can also buy Amouage perfume from physical stores. But Amouage perfumes are not available in every local perfume store. You will mainly find these perfume types in some of the finest departmental stores. You can buy them at a discount from a physical store.

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Bottom line:

Perfume is always considered a luxury product. It also has a big connection with luxury. That is why luxury perfume brands are also overflowing across the globe.

Amouage perfume is one of those perfume brands – the reputation and popularity of this brand is certified by people globally. This is why Amouage perfume is so expensive to buy.

If you want to buy Amouage perfume, you can find them on various third-party websites. You can also buy it from their official websites and some physical store.