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Larimar Gemstone is a rare blue-colored gem widely used today to make bewitching jewelry designs and mostly Larimar Rings are fonded for their sleek and silky texture and can be paired with almost every set of attire.

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The Atlantis stone Larimar has the energy of fire and water together in it. This rare stone was formed when the volcanic activity caused a unique mixture of minerals in the hydrothermal fluid to cool down, which turned it into the formation of these crystals. It is a blue color stone, and the shade of this stone ranges from light to dark, whereas the intense blue is the most desirable. Moreover, this stone has pectolite minerals and traces of copper inside it. Wearing the larimar jewelry brings serenity to life as this stone promotes relaxation in every aspect. It is the embodiment of tranquil sea and sky energies, allowing the wearer to be free from issues of anxiety and depression. Check out the latest collection of wholesale larimar gemstone jewelry at Rananjay Exports.