What Size Generator Do I Need for My House?

What Size Generator Do I Need for My House?
Electric generator

If you’re someone who works from home, you’ve probably witnessed how power outages can entirely disrupt your work which could have heavy consequences. 

Well, in that case, generators are just the devices you need to ensure a consistent supply of electricity to your home. 

An electric generator is basically a device that supplies electricity to an external circuit. These devices become operational whenever your main power supply stops working. Usually, these devices are installed by residential electricians.  

Once a buyer has settled on buying a generator for their home, the common dilemma that most people face is what size of generator they require. 

Based on how big your home is and how many appliances you want to connect the generator to, you can decide the size of the generator you will need for your home.

Here are some of the essential tips that can help you figure out just the right size of generator you need for your house:

Prioritize essential appliances 

To help you save on unnecessary expenditure, it is always better to prioritize the functioning of essential appliances, such as your refrigerator.

By purchasing a generator for these appliances, you can ensure the proper and continuous functioning of these appliances in case of a power outage. 

Choosing a compatible generator 

Is it imperative to make sure that your generator works well with any device connected to it.

The size of the generator should be such that it can withstand the power requirements of the appliance without getting overloaded. 

Too small vs. too big 

If your generator is too small, it will definitely not be able to handle the power load. Such situations can be dangerous as they lead to the overheating of the generator and any appliance that it is connected to. 

If your generator is too big, a large amount of unused power will be wasted as there is no requirement for this power supply. Big generators are also costlier and involve more complex setups.

Seek professional guidance

Professional electrical contractors wichita ks will be able to guide you through your options and basic requirements. 

It is always better to seek professional help, as these individuals are experts with experience backing their advice. 

With a quick review of your house and the overall power you will need, an electrical contractor can advise you on just the right size of generator you should buy.

How often do you experience power outages?

Based on how frequently your home experiences power outages, you can choose a generator of the appropriate size. 

If there are frequently occurring power outages, you will need portable generators that can supply a prolonged supply of wichita electric supply. 

If your home experiences occasional power outages, an inverter generator is sufficient to fulfill your electricity requirements. These generators usually do not start working by themselves and require manual operation. 

Do your own calculations 

You can determine the size of the generator you will need for your home by doing simple calculations to check the total wattage.

By checking the daily wattage consumption of each appliance that you wish to keep functional during a power outage, you can add these values to find out the total wattage requirement. 

A professional electrician in Wichita, KS can assist you with getting accurate readings of the total wattage.

Once you’ve determined this wattage, it is commonly recommended to purchase a generator that supplies a slightly higher wattage than what you need just to be safe and prevent any form of overheating. 

Final Words

For most people, a generator is more of a necessity because of the nature of their professional work. 

Hence, choosing and buying a good-quality and right-sized generator is highly crucial to avoid any discrepancies in the proper functioning of all your household devices. 

The tips mentioned above are simple points to keep in mind that will definitely help you choose and purchase a generator of the correct size.