What Damages Can You Sue for in A Personal Injury Claim?

Are you planning to file a personal injury case? Read the article and learn what damages you can sue for in a personal injury claim.

What Damages Can You Sue for in A Personal Injury Claim?
Personal Injury Claim

When you face any accident, you face damages and injuries along with it. For repairing and recovery, you need to spend a huge amount then. You possess the right to claim your personal injury lawsuit in such situations.

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This article provides a clear understanding regarding what damages you can specifically sue for in a personal injury claim and how. So, let’s read onward.

What Damages Can You Sue for in a Personal Injury Claim?

Personal injury cases normally deal with your personal losses and damages that you face in an accident. You can sue for several things in a personal injury claim, yet not all things.

A detailed discussion regarding this issue is as follows:

Medical Expenses

In a personal injury case, one of the main claims you can sue is medical expenses. That means, after an accident, you might get physically injured and need immediate medical treatment.

Sometimes, the injury might be so serious that it needs surgery or long time therapies to be recovered. And for all these treatments and medicines, you need a huge amount of money to be spent.

When claiming your personal injury case, you can demand these medical expenses from the party responsible for the accident. If you can provide sufficient proof supporting your claims, the responsible party is bound to pay your compensation.

Lost Wages

When you face an accident, you get injured, and as a result, you might not be able to attend your regular work for some days or, in some cases, for a long time. Since you are not joining your work, you are not getting your wages.

Consequently, you and your family will face financial abatement. In this situation, you can sue for your lost wages in your personal injury claim. Because this loss is not your fault, and if the accident had not happened, you would not face this situation.

That is why you possess the right to claim your lost wages from the driver who is at fault for the accident.

Pain and Suffering

You face physical injuries in an accident and endure mental illness and uncountable pain and suffering for the bodily injury. Thus, you deserve compensation for your pain and suffering.

Although it is tough to count how much you have endured pain and compensate it with an amount, it is just a try to conciliate your suffering.

Again, it is difficult to explain when and how much pain you went through. That is why you better maintain a diary to note down all your pains and sufferings when you go through each.

Later on, using it as proof, you can claim compensation in your personal injury lawsuit to the at-fault driver and his insurance company.

Punitive Damages

This is another important thing you can sue for in your personal injury case. In some cases, it is easy to get compensation for punitive damages, while in other cases, it is very much complicated.

This is not like other claims of mere financial loss or physical injury. Rather, it covers compensation for your entire damages as a whole.

When claiming compensation for punitive damages, you intend to punish the at-fault driver for causing the accident out of his carelessness. You can also claim punitive damages when you feel that the driver intentionally did the wrongdoing responsible for the accident.

Here, the responsible party needs to compensate so that the victim can reach the position where he might remain if the accident had not taken place.

Vehicle Repairing

Last but not least, vehicle repairing is another thing that you can claim compensation for in your personal injury case. If your vehicle gets damaged or faces any loss in the accident, you can claim reparations for that.

If the damage is very normal or little, the defendant can settle the issue by just giving compensation for repairing. But if the damage is heavier than you need a huge amount to repair it and it would not become fully restored, you can claim for replacement also.


Finally, now you know everything in detail that you can sue for in a personal injury claim, right? If you ever face such a situation, hopefully, this information will help you out a lot.

In any legal case, you are always recommended to consult with an expert and experienced lawyer of a related field. Above all, you just need to become more careful whenever you drive any vehicle on a busy road. Stay safe always.