How to check UAE visa status online?

Verifying your UAE visa status online is a fairly easy process. Find out about checking visa status online for UAE with your application ID or passport number.

How to check UAE visa status online?
Check Dubai visa status | Dubai visa center

Booking your UAE visa online is pretty easy, but verifying your UAE visa status online is a task. Worry no more! there are so many resources available on the net for checking you application status. You can find out how many days it takes for a UAE visa approval. 


completely clients who longing to draw on this gift to be valid for their Dubai visas requisite to result from the steps below.

STEP 1 :

Visit Dubai Visa Center

STEP 2 :

Go on the homepage and enter the country you are a citizenship of and also mention the country you are currently a resident of.

STEP 3 :

Click on the “Apply for Dubai visa” link

STEP 4 :

You will be directed to the Visa types Page

STEP 5 :

Once you select your choice of visa, select proceed to get your application form.

STEP 6 :

Fill in the application form with the information that has been asked for. 

STEP 7 :

Submit the documents asked along with the application form and go ahead to pay the fees.

STEP 8 :

Pay the visa fees along with an additional specified service fee. 

STEP 9 :

You will get a mail confirming your application of Dubai visa through the registered mail.

STEP 10 :

You can now check your dubai visa status and contact the customer care for more information. 

In this way, you will be done with the application for the visa. Now that you know how to get Dubai visa status online you can now get the status shown to you by following the steps as mentioned.