Top 5 Free Platforms To Learn React

We have listed 5 platforms to learn React for free. After visiting any of these platforms, you'll be familiar with the React Native App development services and other essential aspects.

Top 5 Free Platforms To Learn React
Top 5 free platforms to learn react native

React is versatile, fast, enjoyable, and easy to use. React is designed to ease the process of creating reusable and modular UI elements. This is the reason that many modern web apps and GUIs utilize React platform. You can build Native mobile applications that work on iPhone, iPad, and Android by using React. 

Due to the strength of React and its widespread popularity, a majority of businesses use React to create their frontend UI. Therefore, it makes sense to learn React for beginners and experienced Java developers who wish to develop full-stack applications. We have listed 5 platforms to learn React for free. After visiting any of these platforms, you'll be familiar with the React Native App development services and other essential aspects.

Requirements Needed For Learning React Native

You must have a basic understanding of HTML, NPM, CSS, JavaScript basics to learn React. It is also essential to understand the most important ES6 features explained below.

  • Let
  • ​Arrow Functions  
  • Const
  • Export and import

Let's look at the best 5 websites and platforms that let you learn to work with React Native. After learning React from these platforms, it becomes easy for you to hire React Native app developers for your projects. And if you are already a developer and want to enhance your skills more, these courses will help you offer betterReact Native development services to clients.

Best 5 Platforms To Learn React For Free

1. Coursera

Coursera is a useful platform that provides courses with specialization in professional training courses. The study material is developed by the most prestigious universities in the globe, and also organizations from diverse industries like programming, data science, and React. 

The tutors will show you its components as well as JSX. After that they will move on to advanced concepts like React routing, designing one-page applications, flow architecture, communication between client and server, how to utilize the REST API and much more. Courses by Coursera also increase your chances of getting hired by the top React Native app development company.

2. (Official Website)

It is always a good idea to learn any programming framework or language from an official website. It is a good practice because it is written by an expert who created or developed the technology. So it is easy to understand and covers all aspects without any mistakes in the tutorials.

Begin by installing the environment such as adding the React to your site and then start your first Hello World. Now render comments, elements, and other advanced techniques like optimizing performance, creating your own Hooks, and many more. Through this way, you will master React and your React Native app development company can understand your idea much clearer. 

3. FreeCodeCamp

It’s a non-profit organization that has more than 6000 tutorials on technology and programming on its YouTube and website channels. The graduates of the organization are employed after graduation and have taken their courses.

There are many exceptional courses to study React.js on freeCodeCamp. They teach you how you can utilize React and other technologies combined with other technologies to create a valuable project. 

After that, you can deploy it on Amazon Web Service AWS and add additional features like stripe payments. In case you want to add more advanced features, you can hire React Native app developers and take their help. 

4. Pluralsight

Pluralsight is yet another e-Learning site or platform that offers thousands of classes designed by instructors who are professionals. The website prohibits anyone from teaching if they do not have the required skills for the courses.  

Building Applications using React with Redux and React is the best course from this website. If you want to master the basics of React, then check out the courses offered by Pluralsight. This will help you get hired by the best React Native app development company easily. 

5. AlterClass

It is another great site to find out more about React online. It offers a free course where you can get a grasp of React Fundamentals for FREE. They also teach the fundamentals of hiring a React Native development company to help you improve your skills.

Its React Fundamentals course is absolutely free and useful to understand the basics like props, JSX, state management.

The instructor is a senior software engineer, and mentor who is specialized in teaching React, JavaScript, and many other subjects. He has worked with Node, and MongoDB in the past years to develop massive-scale production software for various industries.

Some Last Words

These are courses that are helpful for both new and experienced people. These platforms provide useful React knowledge to master this framework easily. 

After learning these courses you can enhance your React Native experience which will help your React Native App development company to understand your idea much more clearly.

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