Top 5 Ultimate Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

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There's a lot more to moving than packing, whether you're moving out of state, to a different city, to a different continent, or just across town, and you'll want to be prepared. To make matters worse, you'll have to start cleaning the house before you can even sell it or return the keys to the landlord before your lease expires. Although moveout cleaning In Geelong can be a difficult task, it can be greatly simplified if you plan ahead of time and are well-organized. 

Make a list and pack all your stuff

Don't forget to clean the insides of your cabinets and drawers! When you've finished packing everything into suitcases and storage boxes, you'll notice that the house is in desperate need of cleaning. Furthermore, you'll have a lot more space to clean without being hampered by knickknacks strewn about. More moving packing tips can be found here. 

Move the boxes to one safe corner of the home

If you can't move the boxes right away to a storage facility or your new apartment, gather them and stack them in a corner or another room. This makes it much easier to thoroughly clean the rest of the house without coming into contact with any of your packed belongings! When you've finished packing, clean up the areas where your boxes were stored and, if necessary, touch up the rest of the place. Perform a final walk-through to ensure that nothing has been overlooked. 

Always have a habit of cleaning from top to bottom

Begin your move in and out cleaning by removing cobwebs and dust from the ceilings, lights, and ceiling fans. When cleaning the higher places, we recommend wearing a face mask because the dust and filth will become airborne. You can do this by wrapping a rag around your mop or broom and securing it with a rubber band to make a makeshift long-reach duster! Begin washing the walls from the top and work your way down, switching to clean rags as needed. Gently rub away any stubborn wall-stains with a damp cloth that has been carefully wrung over them, being careful not to damage the paint or the wall. 

Don't forget to polish the doors and other corners of the house

To remove dirt, clean your window frames, ledges, glass panes, and tracks. Remove any stains or markings from the glass with a window cleaner, and brighten the frames with a slightly damp cloth. Vacuuming or wiping down the tracks is recommended. Similarly, for a thorough cleaning, do the same for your house's doors and doorframes. 

Sweep and vacuum entire

It is preferable to sweep, vacuum, or mop the entire house at once. This is due to the fact that sweeping and mopping one room at a time allows dirt and dust from adjacent rooms to be easily transported into the freshly cleaned room. This adds unnecessary time to the procedure. Begin by sweeping and/or vacuuming each area thoroughly, then mopping the floors for a long-lasting sheen. Change the water as needed.

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