Top 10 Shopify Statistics You Should Know

Top 10 Shopify Statistics You Should Know

Shopify is the most recognized e-commerce platform in the world, there is no doubt about that. Any seller anywhere in the world knows this name and every online shopper is familiar with its simple and sleek design and functionality. Being an eclipsing giant of the e-commerce world, Shopify works behind the scenes in so many magnificent ways than you can even imagine!

Kinex Media Web Design Toronto Firm has compiled a list of mind-boggling statistics about Shopify that prove its mettle.

It has a single high jump in number of users within a year

Between 2019 and 2020, Shopify has seen a jump of 52 percent of shoppers that trust this platform.

Approximately 457 million more shoppers bought products from Shopify platforms between 2019 and 2020, which is a staggering increase in number. This shows the sheer trust of merchants and shoppers on this e-commerce joint.

More than 75 percent of Shopify traffic comes from mobile devices

Keeping in mind that the world has gone mobile, maybe it is not such a big surprise. But to think that 7 Shopify shoppers out of 10 shop from smartphones really gives a deep insight into the type of audience that it has managed to attract. Most business websites gain traffic from mobiles, as opposed to tabs or desktop computers.


Shopify has the majority of e-commerce market share

At 20 percent, Shopify dominates the e-commerce market in more ways than one. Its market share is the biggest chunk of all in the e-commerce stock world. This figure not just shows its wealth, but also the amount of trust people have put in because they know that Shopify has only been soaring high.

Shopify has crossed the 1 million mark

In the past year, Shopify has cleared many crucial milestones and the announcements have been positive and uplifting for the company. They announced that they now host more than a million businesses on their platform. To be able to cater efficiently to so many merchants, without tantrums or complaints, is a monstrous achievement.


Maximum Shopify users are from Mega-countries

Even though Shopify merchants and shoppers are present in more than 175 countries globally, their maximum traffic and merchants belong to the three commercial superpowers- The United States at 62 percent, UK at 10 percent and Canada at 9 percent of the total number. Other countries like France, Denmark and India constitute marginally lower percentage of users.


More than 80 percent of merchants use Shopify Apps

Not just the platform as is, but the apps developed by Shopify e-commerce are popular among merchants and users alike. Around 87 percent of merchants employ Shopify apps to conduct their day-to-day business. With a vast array of tools available for the front and the back-end,

3D images can increase conversion rates more than 200 percent!

Shopify is unique in spilling the beans on conversions led by image transformation alone. Just by replacing a one-dimensional picture of your product with a three-dimensional one, the conversion rate has increased up to 250 percent! With this knowledge and ease of technology, merchants find it rather easy to conduct business and make handsome profit, at the same time.


 Shopify referrals go through the roof

We know that the surest way of knowing if a business is well-liked is by tracking how many people referred it forward. Shopify, when it comes to reference, goes way beyond expectations. In last year alone, more than 25,000 merchants referred Shopify as an e-commerce platform because of its quality and professional standards.

Retail has the biggest market on Shopify

Shopify began as an online marketplace for merchants to buy and sell globally. The first customers were businesses who would sell locally. Hence, retail still remains the biggest market on Shopify e-commerce platform with 17 percent retail firms. It is followed by an 11 percent popular Apparel and Fashion business.

  Total Yearly Revenue for the last year alone is a commercial brilliance

Shopify has earned an increase of 47 percent of yearly revenue in the past yearly quarter. This stat alone shows how much of a brand-value is carried by the name ‘Shopify’. Although this e-commerce giant has been shattering revenue records for a tough while now, 47 percent still makes for a staggering number.

Shopify is a name known amongst the masses, and for good reason. The statistics listed above a proof of why most merchants trust it and customers love it. Over the past year, Shopify has diversified its back-end to accommodate bigger itineraries and customers can feel the difference in terms of ease of checkout, loading speed and versatile images.

As a brand name in the e-commerce universe, Shopify stands out because it has persevered and transformed itself with changing technology and commercial needs. Needless to say, it is here to stay and in a big, dominant way.