Tips for choosing necklaces  

Tips for choosing necklaces


There are various styles of necklaces, and choosing the right necklace can make our whole person wear different. Let me share some tips for choosing necklaces today!


Today, let's talk about how to choose a necklace by face shape.


round face.


There are some small fleshy cheeks on the cheeks of round-faced ladies, which makes the whole person look very cute, but when choosing necklaces, round-faced ladies should not choose round, stubby, round-shaped necklaces with V-shaped and Y-shaped ones. Necklaces with shapes or components are very suitable for wearing on round faces, which can reduce the roundness of the face and make it look more mature.


square face.


The face shape of ladies with square faces is more angular, so when choosing necklaces, it is necessary to avoid wearing necklaces with more straight lines and geometric necklaces. The straight lines of these necklaces will better set off the edges and corners of the face. Therefore, ladies with square faces can choose necklaces with softer lines, which can soften the lines of the face and highlight the original aura of women.


Diamond face.


A face with wider cheekbones and a sharper forehead and chin is a diamond-shaped face. Such a face shape is also not suitable for wearing a necklace with a strong sense of lines. You should choose a necklace that softens the facial lines.


long face.


Women with long faces are best not to wear long Y-shaped necklaces, because this visually highlights the length of the face, so you can choose some gorgeous short necklaces that can be stacked to neutralize the length of the face.


Conical face.


Like square and diamond-shaped faces, women with tapered faces should not wear necklaces with strong lines, but should choose necklaces with soft lines and curves to neutralize the sharpness of the chin. Chokers or chockers are suitable.


Goose egg face.

It is good to choose the necklace you like with this face shape, and it will look good on anything.


These are some tips for connecting choices. If you are interested in all kinds of necklaces, you can go to jewelrykg to buy high-quality and cheap wholesale jewelry. In the case of the epidemic, please give yourself more fashion experiments and feel Be different!