The Phenomenon of using Brown Color for Custom Coffee Boxes

The Phenomenon of using Brown Color for Custom Coffee Boxes

What comes to your mind thinking of cool weather? Well, maybe a cup of tea or coffee. Let’s dive further and imagine what color comes first in your mind thinking of a coffee or a tea? Maybe some shades of brown! Yes, the coffee brands and tea companies have resonated our minds, connecting coffee with cold and brown colors. This is widely known as color branding and psyche as in this article we will discuss the real phenomenon of using the brown color in all types of coffee/tea branding and even in custom coffee boxes.

Brown Color Science

Brown is a composite color and much connected with humans and nature like the color of the eyes, floor, etc. In the CMYK color model, this composite color is derived from the combination of four colors red, black, yellow, and blue. The color of soil, human eye colors and for sure, coffee /tea color is a variation in brown. So, this is a preferred color in any nature field.

According to public opinion, feedback, and international data analytics, black, grey, and brown are the most prominent and well-perceived colors for the general public and audience. The stat has been provided by reputed companies that have collected data from various authentic sources and polls. Especially the brown color is customers first choice for most of the things and purchases!

In terms of the visible spectrum and the according to physics of wavelength, the color has low frequency and saturation. In the science of colors, this is not a base or prime color, but a derivation called tertiary color. The cardboard material is mostly available in light brown variants, while one of the most popular stuff to fabricate the custom packaging boxes.

These Custom Cardboard Boxes are naturally available in base brown color, and can even be altered to any vibrant color on demand. The cardboard material is famous for its sturdiness and to keep fragile/perishable products safe inside. No need to worry about the pricing of these boxes as any reputed company like Kwick Packaging can offer you competitive prices with free shipping.

So, in case you are planning to wrap the Coffee or Tea flavors, it's better to use these cardboard boxes, cut them to desired shape and style. The custom tea boxes in cardboard are commonly available in variations of brown and yellow variation, attracting a pool of customers. On demand, you can also tailor these boxes with any other variation of brown. Just send the color code and see the magic.

In the market, competition is quite tough and one on one. That’s why the strategists always recommend using brown-colored boxes especially in cardboard material for the coffee and tea product wrapping. You can toss these boxes with further new ideas to design branded and fully customized coffee and tea boxes. To launch your brand, what do you need the most after the product manufacturing? Yes, the style and quality of packaging. If that’s something out of the big screen, start monitoring your company turning to a big brand.

Here are some customization options you can use while ordering brown styled coffee and tea boxes:

  • Try a brown color variation close with your logo or business branding. Most of the coffee and tea brands have chosen their branding color like brown or its variations, connecting them with the business. So, you can toss the coffee boxes with this little but powerful idea.
  • Adding a logo on the front main section of custom coffee boxes may be nice customization. Your logo is always a source to stay unique and when tossed with the custom boxes, it will give an exclusive brand identity.
  • Adding the company name with the infographics of tea and coffee will be a great choice, attracting coffee lovers and letting them know about your existence.

So, for sure, the phenomenon of using brown color while designing tea or coffee boxes is not new. Over time, different companies are adopting these concepts and tailoring them according to their specific needs. At Kwick Packaging, we have altered hundreds of coffee boxes for different brands across the globe to satisfy their local needs and brand requirements. For you, we just say that your new coffee/tea boxes are one single call away!