The most secured type of exchange in the crypto world-P2P ethereum exchange

P2P Ethereum exchange is the most decentralised exchange that handles the high-level security of the exchange without any hassle. There is transparency as the interactions occur within 2 of them, and there is no third party involved. This kind of exchange is always made easy for someone looking for transparent operations. However, you cannot expect this in the centralised exchanges as a central authority controls them.

The difference is that instead of buying crypto from an order book, you buy it from a person who has a defined price. This means you can get the greatest deal.

When you purchase or sell on the site, you will almost never be charged a fee.

"How about security?" Will I be conned?"

When you trade on a peer-to-peer platform, the platform acts as an escrow to protect both parties.

So, what happens if you purchase bitcoin through a peer-to-peer exchange?

You wish to acquire bitcoin in this case. The exchange holds the seller's bitcoin in escrow while you send the money. After the seller confirms that you sent the money, the bitcoin is released by the exchange. You can always argue if the person does not send you the bitcoin.

Always trade with someone who has a high feedback score and has completed numerous transactions. When trading on a peer-to-peer platform, reputation is everything. To learn more about LocalBitcoins, check out my previous guide.

You can also meet the individual to trade in a coffee shop.

This type of exchange is completely secured and cannot be left out for hacks. It is the most time-saving and cost-efficient. Start your own P2P Ethereum exchange with the help of the best development company. You could never reach a centralised exchange that is making a statement about its security.