2022 Super Bowl Squares Template

A ten by ten grid is the most favored method to play the super bowl squares template. You have the possibility of drawing your own on a piece of paper or downloading and printing one. However, if you want more action, several real money contests are available to play online.

Are you looking to start a super bowl office or want to have fun with friends? If yes, we have you covered with our free printable super bowl squares template. We generated this official football squares template in a printable pdf template for super bowl 56, so you do not have to create it. Read this article if this is your first time participating in the super bowl squares template. Here we will guide you step by step on how you should play super bowl squares.

How to Play Football Squares

Find a Super Bowl Pool

If you want to join a super bowl pool, you will not have trouble finding one. Most people and places might be starting a collection. These could be your colleagues or friends and family. You as well find these pools in local bars and restaurants. You as well play super bowl squares at the comfort of your couch. Many websites offer super bowl matches online. Ensure you take advantage of their welcome bonus if you decide to play online.

Find a Super Bowl Squares Template

Suppose you want a super bowl template. You can go online and download it or create. You will place one team on the horizontal on the x-axis and the other team on the y-axis. Typically the total number of squares is 100, and you will number the boxes from 0 to 9. Do not place the numbers on the template to play a fair game.

Buy Your Super Bowl Boxes

The number of boxes that you will buy will ultimately depend on you. Some people tend to set limits while doing not. Where to place your packages will depend on who runs the pool. You can choose where you would like your box to be in the grid. You will have to randomly choose numbers from 0 to 100 and randomly place them on the grid.

Assign Numbers to the Participants

After filling the super bowl boxes, you will assign numbers on the horizontal and vertical axis.

To keep the game fair, you will draw numbers randomly. Every row and column will have a number assigned to it.

Picking Winners

You will choose a winner at the end of the first quarter, half time, 3rd quarter, and the score at the end of the match. The capital will roll over to the next square if the square is not occupied.


Super bowls seasons premiers every year. This makes online sportsbooks create super bowl squares contests. Some super bowls squares template are free to join while others are not. Instead of playing the super bowl virtually online, you can apply the steps above and contest with your friends, colleagues, or family.