Restaurant management system for restaurant management needs | NFS Rendezvous

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Restaurant management system for restaurant management needs | NFS Rendezvous
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NFS Rendezvous’ Restaurant is all set to fulfill the rising needs of Restaurateurs to manage all their restaurant activities under a single roof. A dedicated Restaurant management system can take care of all operations from the front desk, kitchen, delivery, and billing. Demanding customers are offered a flexible system so your staff can split courses to assist the kitchen. Any amendments can be taken care of quickly to cover up delays for the main course – e.g., such as substituting the time with a starter.

Simple interfaces are needed for your busy serving staff who now use handheld devices like a phone or a tablet to handle orders and payment while you get a clear real-time view of operations. The restaurant management system is integrated with kitchen technology with real-time information delivered instantly on all units’ printers and screens. For example, Your staff will want to send orders to the kitchen and a payment summary to the in-restaurant printer. Advanced restaurant management technology solves the problem of keeping the menu under control through customized screen layouts for staff at different units. Following are the features of Rendezvous’ integrated Restaurant management system:

  • Order Processing
  • Inventory
  • PCI Compliant payment solutions
  • Kitchen Automation
  • Online delivery
  • Pay at table
  • Advanced analytics

You can speed up table turns with your restaurant management system to create a satisfying guest experience. Customers sometimes shift tables, and your staff can reallocate their orders quickly. The management system has flexible table maps where staff can allocate orders to specific tables. The intelligent systems can also keep track of the orders and preferences of the customers for introducing trending items to the menu and effective course management. You can split bills easily now, which is particularly useful while running a casual dining outlet that often accommodates large gatherings. Request for a demo NOW!