Buying Groceries Online: The Benefits

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Long queues at the checkout, full shopping bags and endless wandering in the aisles of the supermarket in search of the desired product. These are scenarios that many are familiar with. The online supermarket can help here.

The advantages of this order groceries online shopping option are flexibility, comfort and time savings. According to a study by BVDW, 60 percent of those surveyed particularly value being able to do their shopping at any time. For 55 percent , the biggest advantage is that they do not have to carry shopping bags that weigh tonnes, and 50 percent rate the time savings as particularly advantageous. These advantages are reason enough for some to do their weekly shopping from the sofa.


However, there are a few things that customers and retailers should be aware of when order groceries online:


Costs : Shipping costs are often added to online orders. Customers should therefore find out about additional costs beforehand.


Transport route: Short transports are important in the online supermarket. This is particularly advisable for fresh goods. The shorter the route, the fresher the goods arrive at the customer.


Fresh goods: Be careful with fresh food in particular. When it comes to fish, cheese or meat, customers should carefully consider whether they want to buy them online.


Cold chain: Maintaining the cold chain is often a challenge for retailers. Many of them now work with special means of transport. Nevertheless, customers should check the food upon receipt.


Data protection: Customers should make sure that the shop is GDPR compliant. The data that customers provide when buying groceries are of particular interest to health insurers and health care providers. Dealers should therefore treat customer data confidentially and regularly delete them properly.


Seal of approval: If customers are unsure, seals of approval , quality and certification can help. They guarantee an officially monitored and properly registered online retailer.


Customer communication:  Customer communication is also important . Retailers should proactively inform their customers when shipping. The customer should be aware of all shipping processes and delays. A personal approach creates proximity to the customer


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