Coronavirus precautionary features to include in Instacart clone app

The current pandemic situation has been a boon for the grocery delivery app sector. People can get the groceries and other essentials as per their needs via Instant Instacart clone script solution.

 Amidst the pandemic, Instacart and Shipt have witnessed dramatic growth of 218% and 124% respectively. There is immense scope available for grocery delivery sectors. Here are some of the features to include to gain customer trust amid COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.



Coronavirus tracker: The delivery agents can avoid contaminated areas as the COVID tracker act as an indicator showing the presence of nearby Coronavirus positive patients.


Encourage digital transaction modes: It is not safe to transact using cash as it can a source for virus transmission. Instead Instacart clone app development can offer digital payment to customers to avoid virus spread.


Contact-less delivery: It is safer for customers and delivery agents to avoid direct contact amid the Coronavirus times. Customers are preferring contact less delivery modes for the convenience it offers. 


Apps can gain maximum customer satisfaction by including these features as part of Instant Instacart clone app development.


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