Why You Need An Accomplished Criminal Lawyer For Assault Charges

If you are looking for an experienced, aggressive criminal defense firm to take your case in Fort Worth, Texas, look no further than the team at Cole Paschal Law. It is imperative that you seek the experienced and knowledgeable drug attorney for guidance to understand how to tailor a defen

Assault is commonly considered to be the deliberate, knowledgeable, or reckless cause of physical damage or danger of imminent physical harm. This violation is typically prosecuted as a Class "A" misdemeanor but can be intensified for different reasons. As the motive is central to an understanding, assault is related to a deliberate abuse that distinguishes it from negligence.


This classification of assault is further followed by the aggravated assault, which involves causing serious bodily harm or the use of any deadly weapon. This is usually a second-degree felony. The assault crime classification that many people are relatively familiar with is assault and battery, which is also a felony. This is where the victim comes into contact and needs medical treatment.


Usually, there is time behind bars, fines, anger management classes, etc., if convicted of this charge. In most cases, the punishment is appropriate to the circumstances of the nature of the crime. Any prior offenses will make matters worse. The problem with assault cases and any other criminal offense is that nothing is cut and dried.


That's precisely why you need to contact a qualified board-certified criminal defense lawyer should you face any of those types of charges. This is the "only" person who can help make sure you get a solid defense and can mitigate the charges or the punishment. They may also get the charges knocked out of court altogether.


Choose a criminal defense lawyer who knows the system inside out and is experienced with the various criminal cases' complexities. It could mean your freedom or a reduced sentence. At the office of Cole Paschall Law, we provide comprehensive consultations, ensuring you have an opportunity to avoid harsh penalties for your suspected crimes or at least get away with reduced sentences or community services. To start developing a substantial and impactful defense against the criminal charges, contact the office of Cole Paschall Law, one of the top drug crime lawyers in Fort Worth, TX, at 1-817-477-4100.

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