Product Image Zoom - Magento 2 Extension

lets your customers see the beautiful visual details of your products by enabling zoom options on product images.

Product Image Zoom - Magento 2 Extension
prodcut image zoom

With the Magento 2 Product Image Magnifier feature built into product photos, the product zoom extension can be used for any eCommerce store because it allows customers to see products more clearly and in greater detail. 

To enhance the product image and to make the website more user-friendly, product zoom is the best solution. Customers are more likely to place an order when the product images are more authentic and detailed. 

What is the purpose of Product zoom?

When customers hover over the product image in the admin panel after activating Product zoom, the image will be displayed in detail. The product can be zoomed in in three different modes: "Windows", "Inline", and "Len". You can choose the mode to match the product's specifications in the store.

Example: Customer wants to see product image details "Shoes" with "Inline" zoom enabled. When they hover over an image, they'll see more clearly what part of the image the mouse is moving to. 

Create Rules To Allow Image Zoom

With Image Zoom extension, you can create rules to enable image zooming for specific products. You can define various conditions on product attributes to qualify either for a zoom magnifier or a lightbox preview. For example, you can limit image zoom to products with a certain price or feature. You can utilize the following settings to set up rules.

  • Write a Custom Rule name
  • Enter a Rule Priority
  • Set conditions for products to qualify for image zoom
  • Define Actions with a zoom type


Confine Product Image Zoom

Product Image Zoom extensions let you exercise exclusive administration controls. You can select store views to restrict the image zooming feature and ban users of other store views from zooming in the product images. For example, you can allow users of English and French store views, and ban users visiting the store with German or Italian store views.


Limit Zoom Feature To Customer Groups

The creation of rules allows you to restrict product images to zoom to a group of users. Let only the relevant users magnify product images or view them in a lightbox, while the rest of the users remain with the conventional view. Allow customer groups like retailers, wholesalers, or VIP buyers of your website.