What is the Importance of Post-Operative Instructions After Orthopedic Surgery?

Orthopedic surgery is a major procedure that is performed for the treatment of fractures and other conditions involving the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgeries often involve the use of trauma implants and instruments depending on the type and severity of the injury. After the surgery, the healthcare service provider gives certain instructions to allow the implants to be set and prevent implant failure. The guidelines that the orthopedic surgeon gives after surgery are called post-surgical instructions. In this post, we will have a look at the importance of these instructions after orthopedic surgery.

Before we see post-op instructions, let us have a brief look at pre-surgical preparations.

What Are Pre-Surgery Preparations?

Preparing yourself both physically and mentally before surgery not only helps with surgical success but also ensures quicker and better recovery. Here, you can also ask your surgeon about any special preparations you need.

If you are obese, it is important to lose some weight as surgery is difficult for overweight. This is because of high muscle mass. Above all, it is also important to focus on having a healthy diet before surgery. 

Why It Is Important to Follow Post-Surgical Instructions After Orthopedic Surgery?

Surgical success not only depends on the surgeon but equal concern and care are demanded from the patient. More importantly, the patient must strictly follow what has been instructed by the surgeon. 

During orthopedic surgery, the surgeon installs metal implants to stabilize the fracture. Now, our body requires time to get acquainted with the foreign material (implant) whereas the implant needs time to set inside the body. For this, the healthcare service provider guides the patient on how to manage the operation site along with the dos and don’ts after surgery. Following those instructions is necessary as if ignored, there is a risk of implant failure. More than that, infection risk also increases. 

Here are some of the common post-op instructions that the patient may need to follow:


  • Avoid putting any weight on the area where the implant has been applied as this may result in implant failure

  • It is advised to keep the surgical wound clean & dry as suggested by the healthcare service provider to minimize infection risk

  • Maintain optimum physical activity as per the specialist’s suggestion 

  • Do start physiotherapy once you start to regain the strength to improve the range of motion

  • Do not miss appointments 

  • If you are experiencing any adverse effects after the surgery, do consult the orthopedic specialist timely 


Following these instructions will help improve the surgical outcome while ensuring faster recovery. Always remember, recovery after orthopedic surgery takes time and you need to be patient. Even there could be differences in the recovery period for the same procedure in different patients. This depends on the overall health and the age of the patient. So, be patient and follow the instructions given by the surgeon for a better recovery. 

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