What is a Round Bar? Advantages and Uses of the Round Bar

In Mumbai City and other countries Neptune Alloys is a top provider of Inconel X750 Round Bar. We manufacture our Inconel X750 Round Bar in India in accordance with international ASTM, ANSI, API, and DIN Standards. Due to its exceptional corrosion resistance and thermal stability, inconel alloy is often used in the chemical and aviation industries. We also rule the market as leading monel round bar suppliers.

We are a major Stainless Steel Round Bar Manufacturer in India. The SS Round Bar, on the other hand, is favoured for aesthetic applications and outdoor fittings due to its smooth surface and reduced absolute roughness. The absolute roughness of round bars is higher than that of draw bars. This is not an issue if the bars are just utilised for their strength and corrosion resistance. The diameters of the bars may also vary. In general, the radius ranges from 5 mm to 450mm.

Flat, hexagonal or hex, round, and square stainless steel bars are available in a range of forms and sizes. In general, the application or forte of the bar is determined by its form. The SS Round Bar Manufacturer in India makes SS bars available in a variety of sizes based on the industry's applications and usage.

Uses & Advantages of Round Bar

Neptune Alloys Round Bar's simplicity of operation, maintenance, and versatility lend it to broad industrial application, withstanding pressures up to 1000 bar and temperatures up to 752 °F (400 °C), depending on the design and raw materials employed. Sizes commonly vary from 6mm to 90mm (different sizes available per requirements). Neptune Round Bars have the benefit of being more corrosion resistant and robust than other round bars on the market. Our Round Bar is widely utilised in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. 

Types Of Round Bar

Hastelloy Round Bar is a nickel, molybdenum, and chromium alloy with excellent mechanical properties. Hastelloy C276 Round Bar is well-known for its corrosion resistance.

Stainless Steel Rods are a form of stainless steel product that has a cylindrical shape and is often composed of stainless steel grades 304, 321 and 316. These stainless steel round bars are commonly used in industries such as the food industry and construction.

The advantage of employing a Titanium Round Bar is its small weight. Because it is a lightweight metal, it saves weight not only for the user but also for the installer.

Carbon Steel Round Bar is a simple steel with a nominal carbon content of 0.15%. Although it is a low strength steel, it may be quenched and tempered to enhance its strength. Low carbon steels are employed in applications like cold headed fasteners and bolts.

Nickel Alloy Round Bars are a strong and light product. These, among other things, offer unique attributes that set them apart. They can survive being immersed in concentrated or heated liquids. It has great corrosion resistance as well as better strength.

Manufacturer and Supplier of Round Bar in India.

Neptune Alloys is a top leading well known supplier and manufacturer of High Quality Stainless Steel Round Bar Manufacturer in India. Neptune Alloys has established itself as a top-tier Inconel X750 Round bar Suppliers and producer in the global industry thanks to their significant commercial and technical people skills. Neptune Alloys is a company that specialises in exporting, supplying, and manufacturing Inconel X750 Spring Wire, Monel 400 Roundbar. We also rule the market as the top Inconel X750 Spring Wire Supplier, Dealer, and Stockist in India. In very acidic climates, these materials are frequently employed. In addition to Inconel X750 Spring Wire Suppliers, Inconel X750 Roundbar Suppliers and Monel 400 Round Bar Suppliers we are a top supplier of all three materials.


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