What do Carbon Steel Flanges refer to and what are the different?

Depending on the material grade, carbon steel flanges include carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulphur, silicon, copper, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium. Carbon steel pipe flanges are priced differently based on the material grade. Quality Forge & Fittings manufactures flanges of various kinds and material grades.

Various Types Of Flanges 


In essence, CARBON STEEL SLIP-ON FLANGES are rings that are fitted over the pipe end, with the flange face extending far enough to allow for the application of a weld bead on the inside diameter.

Also soldered to the back of the slip-on flange is the OD. Weld neck flanges are more difficult to align, but slip on flanges cost less to make out of material.


A weld neck flange, also known as a tapered hub flange or a high-hub flange, can transfer stress to the pipes, ensuring a reduction in the concentration of high stress at the flange's bottom. There are two types of welding neck flanges; the first is used with wipes, while the second, longer type cannot be used with pipes but with a process plant. The CARBON STEEL WELD NECK FLANGES flange is made up of a fitting that is round and extends past the circumference's rim. The pipes are actually welded to these flanges, which are typically made of forging.


The most frequent type of self-reinforced nozzle is the Long Weld Neck Flange. For greater pressure and temperature applications, heavy barrel type nozzles have a larger throat. A LONG WELD NECK FLANGES is a self-reinforcing integral flange connection used primarily in ASME Pressure Vessel applications. The Long Weld Neck (LWN) Flange was created to replace a Weld Neck Flange and a length of pipe for a bolt up connection to the vessel.


A carbon steel blind flange is a solid disc that is used to seal a pipeline or create a stop. It is useful for pipeline repairs as well as pipeline expansion or continuation by simply adding onto the final flange.

The blind flange is essentially a flange without a hub or a drilled center. CARBON STEEL BLIND FLANGES have a flange's face thickness, a matching face type, and a bolting pattern. Blind flanges can also be utilised to seal a pressure vessel nozzle aperture.


The THREADED FLANGES design (also known as a 'screwed flange') connects the flange to a pipe through a screw thread. A male thread is cut into the bore of the flange while a female thread is cut into the pipe end; the male threaded pipe is then screwed onto the female threaded flange.

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