What Are The Reasons To Choose True Refrigeration Equipment

When compared to traditional refrigeration, commercial refrigeration presents several challenges. Commercial refrigerators must not only withstand being opened countless times per day as customers help themselves to a cool beverage or frozen food item, but they must also be able to store items in bulk while ensuring each item is easily viewed and accessible. Quality commercial refrigeration is in high demand, from large grocery stores and convenience stores to premium vineyards, bars, and restaurants. It can be a critical component of your company's success.

Proper Refrigeration is a well-known commercial refrigeration brand that produces high-quality refrigeration units with appealing aesthetics for retail spaces. Proper Refrigeration offers a wide range of products to meet your refrigeration needs, from cutting-edge commercial refrigerators for professional kitchens to easily accessible fridge units for retailers. Here will discuss some of the reasons for choosing a True Refrigeration commercial fridge:

  • Energy Efficiency

True Refrigeration is committed to adapting commercial refrigeration to meet modern goals, focusing on energy efficiency and sustainability across virtually every industry. These refrigerator units already outperform modern units in energy efficiency, resulting in lower utility bills, increased food safety and product lifespan, and minimal maintenance costs.

  • Long Lasting Fan Motors

While an evaporator fan motor has a three-year average lifespan, True Refrigeration fan motors can last up to 15-20 years. These motors can cool your products faster and longer than standard units because they use cast iron components, low-velocity motors, larger fan blades, and expert sealing.

  • Extensive Testing

Before being removed from the assembly line and delivered, all True refrigeration equipment is thoroughly tested. While refrigerators are tested for 4-6 hours to ensure proper operation, True freezers must undergo 16-24 hours of extensive testing. Any unit that fails to meet True's high standards is returned for modifications before being tested again.

  • Extra Cold Freezers

While most commercial freezers have a standard temperature of 0°F, True freezers are designed to maintain a temperature of 10°F consistently. True freezers can better preserve food with this 10°F difference, resulting in more flavorful meals for your restaurant's customers.

The exterior is made of stainless steel.

True refrigeration equipment is high-quality stainless steel that can withstand years of use in commercial environments. It also has a powder coating. This coating prevents rust and corrosion, allowing freezers and refrigerators to maintain their aesthetic exteriors even after years of use. Proper equipment is ideal for kitchens on display for customers to see.

Quality-control procedures that are comprehensive

Every refrigerator and freezer are subjected to stringent quality-control measures, which require each refrigerator to be tested for a minimum of three days to ensure its functionality. If it cannot adequately cool down and maintain cold temperatures for extended periods, it is returned to our technicians for modification.

  • Doors Made of Glass

True manufactures all double-paned glass doors on its freezers and refrigerators in-house. This allows the company to save money and pass it on to customers. Argon gas is sandwiched between the two glass panes, acting as an insulator and keeping the units cool. Argon is completely safe, so there's no need to be concerned if your unit's glass breaks.

  • Hydrocarbon Refrigeration System

True manufactures green hydrocarbon refrigeration systems by matching and balancing oversized compressors, evaporators, and condenser coils. These refrigeration systems have shorter run times, lower energy consumption, and the coldest holding temperatures in the industry. True's evaporator coils have 20%-40% more surface area than the industry standard, resulting in faster temperature drop and recovery times. True units will ensure better food preservation in the hottest, most extreme food service environments by utilizing large condensers with more standard passes.

  • Colder Temperatures

True refrigeration units operate at temperatures ranging from 0.5 to 3.3 degrees Celsius. This not only keeps your food and beverages colder and faster, but it also improves the flavour and extends the life of your food.

  •  Long-Lasting Shelf units

These commercial refrigeration units have PVC-bonded shelving and are designed to withstand years of daily wear and tear. Each shelf's heavy-duty steel construction can support up to 250 lbs. True Refrigeration designed and owns these shelves, so you can be confident that they are long-lasting and trouble-free.

  • Energy-saving double-paned glass doors

True Refrigeration provides the ideal solution for those who want the look of glass doors on their refrigeration unit but don't want to sacrifice proper insulation. Clients get the aesthetic they want and the functionality they require with double-panned, insulated glass doors.

  • Durability

Built to meet virtually any commercial requirement, these refrigerators provide durability and strength. Commercial refrigerators and freezers can be stacked to increase refrigeration capacity in small spaces, demonstrating their strength and stability.

  • Unparalleled foam insulation

The heavy-duty foam insulation is one of the primary reasons True Refrigeration units can maintain such low temperatures. Made from high-density Ecomate polyurethane, this foam insulation preserves the cold air, keeping it from escaping the unit. This will help maintain cold temperatures and keep your food and beverages colder.

  • Options for customization

True Refrigeration even offers customized units for commercial vendors and retailers with special requirements. These refrigerators are designed to meet your needs, from the size to the type of doors to the more customizable options.

Final Thoughts

True Refrigeration has been a commercial refrigeration industry leader since 1945, serving everyone from small family restaurants to large grocery store chains. Because of the brand's quality and commitment to customer service, both large retailers and small independent businesses trust it. True Refrigeration, a family-owned company, has decades of experience working with retailers with commercial refrigeration needs.


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