The top 10 Business Plan Samples for 2023 - with Templates

Writing a solid business plan is the first step in beginning a firm and becoming a business owner. We're not talking about the growth suggestions you had while mowing the lawn or the notes you scribbled down on a napkin, but rather a specific, written plan of action. a business plan outlining its operations and specifying the main goals that will guide future growth.

When making one from scratch, focus, perseverance, and careful preparation are required. A well-written one should also give a thorough explanation of the products and services you want to offer, your target market, and your expected profit margins. This could also include goals you intend to achieve in addition to the anticipated outcomes.

A strong business plan you develop now will act as a foundation upon which you may build as you grow and refer through difficult times. Additionally, you may more effectively reach your target market and grow your firm with money from a bank or an outside investor with the aid of a well-written, eye-catching business plan.

In this piece, we'll go over some crucial components of any successful business plan to help you create a comprehensive model for your company. Additionally, we'll look at some sample business plans, which can take a lot of the guesswork out.

What is a Business Plan?

How you grow and who you are can be shaped by a business plan

A business plan is a summary of the goals you have for your company and how you plan to manage it. Because banks and other potential investors rely on them to determine whether or not to supply you with capital for expansion, they may help business owners define their vision and ambitions. They typically have the following four sections, though their contents can vary and some people prefer to conduct a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats).

Business Plan Executive Summary

Any business plan must start with an executive summary section that covers the foundational information about your company. It outlines the products and services you'll provide, your target clientele, and your long-term goals. Because it will be the first thing everyone you want to share it with will see, take your time to make it extremely engaging and unique.

‌Ideal Customers and Competition

Use this section to elaborate on how your products or services will satisfy the needs of a certain audience and locale. Explain the development of the sector you are focusing on in-depth, as well as how your business stands out due to its unique offering. Included in this information should be your projected market share and the level of competition you anticipate encountering. Describe how your business is unique compared to others in your industry and why customers should choose your products or services over those of your rivals.

You may also add a market analysis in this area to fully understand the challenges you will face in growing your firm with your marketing plan and financial plan.

‌Marketing Plan

Business plans need a marketing strategy

To engage with your target audience, you need now decide how you want to use social media, content marketing, advertising, and other marketing strategies. The marketing component of your business strategy should include measurable goals. Depending on the size of your business at the moment, they could range from something as simple as having a website up to how many leads and web traffic you desire each month. goals This area is a wonderful place to look at marketing trends in your sector, including business models you might want to imitate or strategies you might want to use to include your target audience in your marketing.

A marketing plan should contain a number of marketing tactics, such as;

Google My Business Profile

On your Google My Business profile, you can showcase your company's location and its services. It will appear when individuals conduct a Google search for services similar to yours. People can also check Google reviews of your business there. It's crucial to regularly update your Google My Business profile and respond to feedback. Your ability to establish a reputation as a dependable and valuable caller will be aided by incorporating customer satisfaction into your business plan.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An investment in a long-term marketing strategy is SEO. There's a strong probability that you either know something about SEO or are already investing in it. Because it rarely shows instant leads or revenue, it occasionally can appear to be a "black box." Writing blog articles for your website's blog or continuously adding pages to your website that are targeted at popular keywords that people search for make up the cornerstone of an SEO strategy. Because SEO can be challenging and time-consuming, you should think about collaborating with partners like Salam Experts to assist you.

Website Management

Your website serves as the central core of your marketing strategy for your business plan. It's essential to have the right website management strategy in place to keep things moving in the right direction. You should, at the absolute least, have a website that is attractive and a number of ways for clients to contact you. Additionally, investing in practical tools like live chat and online scheduling may be helpful.

‌Financial Summary

A further essential element of any business strategy is a thorough financial assessment of all expenses and income related to your organization. You might already be keeping track of a lot of this data and being able to record some of it if your business is already up and running. If your business is new, your startup cash may be divided between the money you have personally, the money you have received from family or friends, money from a bank, and money you want to spend to expand. For banks and other parties that might want to invest money in your firm to expand it, the financial component is crucial.

  • projected earnings

  • estimated costs

  • the ratio of debt to income

  • incoming cash

  • Finance source that would be preferred (bank, outside investment, family, or friends)

  • income declaration

  • financial projections

  • Cash flow projections

These four elements are usually broken down into more precise groups that cover intriguing topics like corporate structure, market opportunity, or long-term objectives. The approach will change depending on your goals and industry. When finished, it should provide a complete image of your company, leaving very little to the reader's imagination.

How to Build a Successful Business Plan

Before you start working on your own, let's go over some advice on how to write a business plan that positions your company for success. Remember that your business plan's main goals are usually to secure funding and create the startup strategy.

Finding problems with your idea will be the investors' top priority. They are looking for a winning formula for success (or as bulletproof as it can get). Therefore, you must be as specific as you can. Answer any questions an investor might have. Develop a variety of strategies and plans for how your business might survive by taking into account every possible point of failure.

Next, be sure to discuss your unique value offer. Why is your company different from competitors? How would you position the brand of your business in the marketplace? If you don't know who your target market is and why they'll choose to do business with you rather than a competitor, your business strategy won't function.

Your business plan will explain the strategic and financial justifications for your venture. Establishing the validity of your business is the goal before getting started.

You might complete your business plan more quickly if you use a template from one of the many internet resources. You can easily accomplish what you desire by using a variety of web resources. The top 10 cases for 2023 are listed below.

Business Plan Samples and Templates

You can Accomplish More with a Business Plan Template

It can be intimidating to start from scratch when developing a plan. Fortunately, there are a number of pre-made designs for bars, hotels, restaurants, and repair shops available from the Business Plan Shop. They are simple to customize to your tastes. You can download them as a Word or PDF file once they are finished. After the initial seven days of free use, the website charges a monthly fee to continue utilizing these templates.

1. SBA’s Business Plan Outline

Business plan sample from SBA

A comprehensive guide that describes each step of the process for drafting a typical business plan is available from the Small Business Administration. You can download a template of a completed fictional example as a Word document to demonstrate how it's done. Simply change the language in each column to suit your industry, marketing plan, and goals.

Download Link

2. Simple Business Plan Examples | Wise Business Plans


Similar to the preceding example, Wise Business Plans offers a number of examples with information about a fake company for use as a guide. To cover the essentials, use the simple business plan sample. Long-text paragraphs are broken up by fascinating visuals. To fit practically any firm across a wide range of industries, this can be easily adjusted.

Download Link

3. Growthink’s Business Plan Template

Business plan example and template from GrowThink


On Growthink, there is a tonne of information that goes into greater detail on each component of a formal business plan. In their free PDF template, they've organised the framework so that you can fill in the blanks as necessary. Additional functionality and design elements are also offered for a price.

Download Link

4. Single-Page Business Plan Template by HubSpot

Business plan templates from Hubspot

A useful and free resource for small businesses is HubSpot, a website where you can find templates like this easy one-page business plan. Simple instructions are provided for each section. Simply download the file as a Word or PDF document once you're done. Additionally, this style makes it easy to add your own distinctive touch by incorporating logos or brand-specific visuals.

Download Link

5. Score’s Business Plan Template for Startups

Business plan templates and examples from Score

For new companies entering the market, the Score template is perfect. It comes with beneficial writing suggestions for each section and is accessible for download as a Word document. It is extremely user-friendly and versatile across a wide range of sectors because of its simple organizing structure.

Download Link

6. Complete Guide to Writing a Business Plan by Review42

Business plan samples and templates from Refine42


This comprehensive guide offers a wealth of knowledge that will help you draught the ultimate business plan. Review42 outlines the essential elements and provides guidance on how to simplify the task. The guide also provides descriptions of seven different plan kinds, including one-page, strategic, and internal business plans as examples.

Download Link

7. Step-by-Step Business Plan Creator by LawDepot

Business plan example from Law Depot


The user-friendly LawDepot business plan generator offers a quicker and easier way to lay out your plan. To begin creating your plan from scratch, pick the appropriate industry category for your company and follow the steps. Following completion of each component, LawDepot will provide you a draught that you may download or print directly from the internet.

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8. Upmetrics' Sample Business Plans

Business plan example from UpMetrics


Choose from more than 100 different business plan templates at Upmetrics. Each of these templates was made with a particular industry in mind, such as restaurants, retail stores, media companies, or healthcare providers. Each category has a number of subcategories, allowing you to further customize your strategy to meet your needs. They can also be downloaded in PDF format and have prefilled information about a fake company that is easy to change.

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9. Business Plan Template by Jotform

Business plan template and example from JotForm


You can select from a wide variety of free layouts from Jotform that feature appealing graphics and color palettes. They cover a vast array of subjects, from simple one-page business plans to creative briefs, strategic plans, and more. Users of Jotform have access to a plethora of tools and resources, as well as a wealth of examples, that could help any small business or startup develop more quickly.

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10. PandaDoc’s Business Plan Template

Business plan templates and examples from PandaDoc


These days, one of the more well-liked choices is this free template from PandaDoc. It includes some recommendations that will help guide you through the entire process. The PandaDoc template also provides instructions on how to create instructional images in Excel to complement the text in your business plan.

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