Kick Kick Start your Day with Suprabhat Chai Tulsi Mulethi Green Tea

A warm sip of appetizing herbal chai infused with nature’s goodness is just the perfect way to wake your mornings. In this day and age of intense and challenging routines, it is essential to keep tabs on your health by exercising  daily & following a nutritious and wholesome diet.

Satiating your senses with an honest cup of brewed health by Butterfly Ayurveda Suprabhat Chai - Tulsi Mulethi Green Tea will help reinvigorate your early routines. This refreshing beverage lets you enjoy a unique blend of pure ayurvedic herbs and tea leaves that can be brewed and consumed at the start of the day. This nourishing health drink is also known as the Cognition Enhancer Tea. This primarily because of the presence of memory booster and concentration enhancer magic herb Brahmi.

This tulsi mulethi green tea is also known to support and protect the liver, act as an effective remedy for mild cough and cold, and is a rich source of antioxidants. Butterfly Ayurveda Suprabhat Chai’s formula is infused with green tea leaves, natural soothers like lemongrass & kali mirch, along with immunity and memory boosters like guduchi and brahmi.



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