Sip On This Shubh Saanjh Chai To Improve Digestion - An Aromatic Mint Green Tea

There is nothing to fear from trying a new flavor of tea every few days if you are a tea lover.

However, with plenty of options in fruit tea, flower tea, and herbal tea packs, it's easy to find a cup of tea that matches your mood and taste.

Try out our Shubh Saanji Chai Mint Green Tea from Butterfly Ayurveda if you are looking to improve digestion, relax your body and pacify the Vata Dosha.

This Suprabhat Chai/Tea is made from a mixture of mint, ajwain, saunf, shankhpushpi, and green tea. These ingredients have a refreshing taste and stimulate digestion.

Besides, the cooling effects of the mint extract make this digestive tea a great option to lift your mood quickly.

It is specially formulated to calm the Vata Dosha in the evenings.

It's good for the digestive system, so you can even drink Mint Green Tea frequently if you have digestive problems.

Where to Buy?

To buy Shubh Sanjh Chai Mint Green Tea Online, you can visit Butterfly Ayurveda website and directly make a purchase from there plus get exciting cashbacks when you sign-up and buy products.



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