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Thermoforming of Plastics: A Comparison Between Polycarbonate and Acrylic

Thermoforming is a manufacturing technique where plastic sheets are heated to a malleable forming temperature, moulded to precise shapes in a mold, then trimmed to generate usable items. Like Solid Polycarbonate sheets and rolls, Colour Acrylic sheets, Acrylic Rods and Tube, and Cast Acrylic sheets etc.

Each component will be isolated from its batch to create a single unit or product after cooling and hardening the molded plastic sheet. A final item (or part) having a specific three-dimensional (3D) characteristic is the result of a thermoforming process.

Thermoformed plastic goods are widely used in our daily lives and are one of the best choices when trying to produce the most cutting-edge designs quickly and profitably.

Although thermoforming is a technology that has been around for a while, it has now been refined to the point where its costs are more competitive than those of extrusion or plastics injection.

Benefits Of Thermoforming

The thermoplastics, which are the end products of the thermoforming process, come in a variety of materials, including acrylic, PETG, PVC, and polycarbonate. Each has unique and distinct mechanical and thermal qualities. The ability of thermoplastics to be moulded into intricate shapes without affecting their fundamental qualities sets them apart from other materials.

The finishing stages for thermoplastics don't take much time or effort, making them lighter than sheet metal or FRP (fiberglass). Although there is an almost unlimited variety of colors, there are just a few textures.

•          Polycarbonate Thermoforming

Thermoforming polycarbonate sheet is a well-known technique that gives you the freedom to create intricate patterns and shapes with cost/performance ratios that have a lot of advantages over conventional manufacturing techniques. This method of manufacturing polycarbonate goods has a number of important benefits, including low-cost tooling, large component production, and shortened lead times.

The Method

A polycarbonate sheet product is heated, shaped, and cooled during the fundamental phases. There are many various forming methods, some of which merely call for heating to make the sheet bend to a straightforward positive or negative mold, as in drape forming. Others, including vacuum and pressure forming, call for pressing or vacuuming the heated sheet until it conforms to a mold after heating.

•          Transformation Of Acrylic

The method of thermoforming acrylic involves heating the sheet of acrylic until it becomes flexible and then molding it around a specially made metal tool. All kinds of OEM equipment are protected from impact, the elements, UV rays, and corrosion by thermoformed acrylic sheets. Additionally, it offers flexible ordering and quick lead times of four to six weeks. As a result, it makes scheduling shipments easier, which lowers inventory.

The Method

Numerous heating techniques, such as coiled nichrome wire, metal (cal) rod, hot air ovens, ceramic elements, and quartz tube, as well as a variety of equipment, such as vacuum, pressure, or stretching apparatus, can be used to thermoform acrylic (nichrome filament and tungsten filament). At different levels of efficiency, these heat sources have average life lifetimes that range from 1,500 to 20,000 hours.

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