Recommendations for Taking the NCLEX a Second Time

Recommendations for Taking the NCLEX a Second Time

Every aspiring nurse hopes to ace the NCLEX on the first try, but occasionally bad days prevent you from succeeding. There is a 45-day waiting period after failing the NCLEX before you can attempt it again.

You have the chance to get your head in the game, study up on the test material, and get ready to retake the largest exam of your life within that period.

Accept your faults

Self-hatred is ineffective. Being harsh on oneself does not earn you more points. If you don't pass the NCLEX the first time around, it's normal to feel disappointed. It's also OK to experience regret. But nursing students do not have the luxury of spending too much time wallowing in their bad emotions. In fact, nurses do not have the luxury of it.

Moving on requires forgiveness. Recognize your errors, but try not to let them discourage you or have a detrimental effect on your future academic endeavors. Move ahead.

Concentrate on your area of weakness

The NCLEX test plan breaks the exam up into various components. Some of them will be intriguing and captivating to you, while others may seem more challenging. Even if you don't like studying for the test, it's crucial to focus on the areas where you know you fall short.


Even for students who are familiar with the material, test anxiety is extremely real, and for some, simply entering the exam room can be dreadful. It can be discouraging to enter the NCLEX after only once passing. But you're not a failure. Instead, think of yourself as knowledgeable.

Your prior attempt at the NCLEX is a source of strength and confidence rather than vulnerability. You've taken the NCLEX a few times now, and you're an experienced NCLEX test-taker. That ought to reduce anxiety. Remind yourself that you anticipate what will happen. A second attempt at the NCLEX indicates that you are prepared to do what it takes to pass and become a nurse.

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