LiveMode agrees to broadcast the World Cup to other clubs until 2024

  1. LiveMode reached an agreement with FIFA for the sale of broadcasting rights in Brazil for a series of events. By 2024, the entity's competitions will be negotiated for exhibition on national soil by the company that has been a protagonist in the sports media market recently.
  2. The first event is the Club World Cup for 2022, which will be played next month and will have Flamengo representing Conmebol and Real Madrid representing UEFA. But this year's Women's World Cup, the 2023 Club World Cup, the U-20 World Cup, the FIFA U-17 World Cup, this year's Beach Soccer World Cup and the of the Futsal World Cup 2024.

Uol's Allan Simon column published first, and THROW! confirmed. LiveMode negotiates with interested parties in the transmission for open media, pay-TV and streaming platforms. The dissemination and coverage of Fifa+ in the country are also in charge of the company.



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