Le Graet comments on Zidane: The AFC team must endure

Sports Minister Amelie O'Dea Castera called on the executive committee of the French Football Forum (COMEX) on Monday to "assume its responsibilities" after the controversial statements of its president Noel Le Graet about Zinedine Zidane, without an explicit request for the leader's resignation.

"It is important that a decision is made in the name of UEFA, UEFA, UEFA, UEFA, UEFA, UEFA, UEFA, UEFA, UEFA, UEFA, UEFA," a press conference was held at the Ministry's headquarters.

“There are outstanding people at Comex who have shown their value, their competence, their vision and their sense of responsibility. And I know they will show that again in the coming weeks and that they will be able to reflect on putting this union back on the right track,” she added.

The minister had earlier kicked off the press conference with a violent charge against the FFF chief, citing "the bankruptcy of the acting job with seriously inept words".


"These exits from the road hurt the French."
She said: "I don't want these situations where he stumbles any more. We're used to these exits from the road. I think we all bear in mind what has been said in recent years, words that have underestimated the risks, and sometimes the importance of the phenomenon of racism and homophobia in football, Which would have traumatized the communities. I consider that these successive exits from the road not only have the effect of creating fry on the line, but also harm the image of our country and insult the French.”

On Sunday, Noel Le Graet had an expletive regarding Zinedine Zidane at RMC, remarks that sparked an avalanche of angry reactions.

"I don't care, he can go where he wants," said the 81-year-old leader, when asked about Zidane's future, and who "would not have been on the phone" if he had expressed interest in the Blues coach's position.



مرحبا، أنا مؤلف محتوى يشعر بالإثارة من الأزياء والشخصيات الشهيرة ونمط الحياة. يساعد العملاء في توصيل المحتوى الصحيح إلى الأشخاص الصحيحين.

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