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Matchmaking Kundli for marriage is one of the most important aspects of a person's life. There may be delays or obstacles in marriage due to adverse aspects of the planet Seventh house in Kundli is associated with the individual's marriage which can be predicted by factors related to the seventh house. It can be used to calculate the prediction of marriage and delays.


Among the main factors that influence our horoscope are the placement of the 7th house in Kundli, Venus for male birth and Jupiter for female birth, 2nd house and its lord as it indicates family. The harmful influence of these factors indicates the lack or delay of marriage. Delay is predict by a malefic influence followed by a benefic planetary influence.


Planetary considerations in the kundli help in determining whether the native will be able to attain the pleasure of having a child or not. Yogas formed in Kundli help in determining these factors. For example, if the lord of the 5th house forms the lunar ascendant or the natal ascendant and also Jupiter is in a good position, then one will get happiness from children. If Jupiter is in a strong position and the ascendant lord is in the 5th house, then it indicates that one will have obedient children.


An expert in astrology is needed to determine the impact of various planetary considerations on one's Kundli. In case one suffers from malefic effects in Kundli; then the expert can suggest effective means to achieve happiness from astrology-based means for marriage and children. You can also connect with the world's best astrologer Acharya Indu Prakash Ji, a famous celebrity astrologer in India by making an appointment online, visiting his office in Gurgaon or booking an appointment online.


Kundli Matching: Why is it necessary?


Do they say opposites attract but is this true for human beings as well? Marriages are believed to be made in heaven but celebrated on earth. Matches are pre-determine based on many factors. Astrological predictions are not only useful for future predictions but also study the nature, behavior and destiny of a person in detail. Indian society strongly believes in long-term and permanent marriages. According to Hindu belief, the connection between two people is believe to span seven lifetimes or even more. Therefore, it is very important to ensure a compatible match by carefully analyzing both the Kundli. Once a couple ties the knot, their horoscopes will connect with each other and influence every single aspect of their married life. Kundli matching plays a significant role in ensuring a lasting and 'happily ever after' marriage.


Ashta Kutas


Kundli Matchmaking is usually done by referring to Melapak Chart base on eight factors. These 8 factors, known as Ashta Kutas, are significant in assessing the stability of a marriage. They are:


Varna: Determines the temperament of a person. It is very useful to determine the politeness or aggressive nature of the couple.


Vashya: Indicates the mutual coordination or affection of the couple towards each other.


Tara or Dina: This indicates the good health and well-being of the potential couple.


Yoni: This represents the sexual intimacy and understanding of the couple.


Graha Maitri: This means the spiritual and intellectual level of two people.


Gaana: This represents the match in the temperament of the couple and determines whether their union would be peaceful or aggressive.


Bhakoot or Rashi: Due to the maximum number of points, the importance of this Kuta is the highest. It decides whether or not the spouses would be emotionally compatible with each other.


Ashta Kutas scores a total of 36 points. Based on these angles the compatibility of the couple is analyze and this method is know as 'Guna Matching'. If the matching score results in a total of 18 points or more, the couple is consider compatible with each other. Couples who have a score of 18 or less are not advise to marry.


Nadi Dosha


Another important criterion for kundli matchmaking in India is the Naadi Dosha which takes place when the bride and groom both have the same nadi. This means that both partners show very similar natures like laziness, lying nature etc. Couples with nadi dosha should avoid getting married. In case they want to get married, it is highly recommend to take some corrective measures to achieve a successful married life.


Kuja Dosha


Kuja dosha is another angle that is carefully studied in Kundli Match Making. If Mars is place in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house from the moon sign then it is called Kuja Dosha. Kuja dosha results in health problems and can also lead to fatal accidents or early death. The negative effects of Kuja Dosha can be reduce to some extent but cannot be completely eliminate. Couples having Kuja Dosha are not advise to get married.


In order to achieve a happy married life, one should pay attention to the above necessary parameters. Consult Top Astrologer in Gurgaon, Acharya Indu Prakash Ji's and find your perfect life partner!


Can we rely on online Kundli matching for marriage?


Most astrology websites have Kundli software which provides Ashtakoot Milan results. There is a misconception that Ashtakoot Milan is sufficient to determine whether or not there will be a marriage alliance.


Findings from Kundli software on the online horoscope matching platform are only a leading indicator; A professional marriage astrologer who does Kundli matching by name and date of birth must always be consult before taking a final decision.


Charts check all the above points except Ashtakoot Milan. Only at this point is horoscope compatibility reveal. Online horoscope matching should not be consider in the final decision of marriage as no marriage horoscope calculator can take into account the above factors.


Additionally, it is inappropriate to practice for people to decline certain matches because they have low Ashtakoot points. After all, even a match with low points Ashtakoot Milan can turn out to be excellent. We recommend consulting directly with experts and the best astrologers.




Q. Does Mangal Dosha affect the married life of a couple?


Yes. Mangal Dosha can cause disruption, quarrels, unhappiness and the death of a spouse in a marriage. This is why most of the top astrologers in India advise natives to remove mangal dosha before marriage.


Question: Which planet in Kundli is responsible for a good and happy married life?


Venus, Jupiter and Mars. Venus gives a man a good wife, while Jupiter's placement decides the introduction of a good husband in a woman's life. Similarly, Mars decides the nature of the relationship between a couple.


Question: Can astrology provide a solution to delay in marriage?

In astrology, the 7th house is responsible for marriage. Placement or any relation of the planet Saturn or the presence of Mars, Rahu, Ketu or weak sun or moon in the 7th house can cause a delay in marriage. You can get Horoscope Analysis and Remedies from Acharya Indu Prakash ji to solve delayed marriages.


Question: Which house in Kundli is responsible for children?

The fifth house in Kundli is for children. A powerful and friendly fifth house lord will bring home a healthy and happy child in the couple's life.




Matchmaking Kundli for marriage is one of the most important aspects of a person's life. There may be delays or obstacles in marriage due to adverse aspects of the planet Seventh house in Kundli is associated with the individual's marriage which can be predicted by factors related to the seventh house. It can be used to calculate the prediction of marriage and delays. website: https://www.astroeshop.com/

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