How To Improve Your BJJ Performance

The explanation is that more comprehensive mastery of basic techniques results in more powerful jiu-jitsu.

Instead of continuously seeking out new techniques without actually knowing how to use them or turning them into a dependable talent of unconscious reflex, it is significantly more efficient to build a thorough comprehension of and proficiency in a limited number of fundamental BJJ manoeuvres and their underlying ideas.

Early on in studying Jiu-Jitsu, it's simple to become engrossed in the never-ending pursuit of crazier and newer techniques, and your attitude to Jiu-Jitsu frequently transforms into a race to develop a new move that your opponent hasn't seen before.

The issue with this strategy is that you depend on defeating your adversaries by regularly shocking them with something they have never seen before. Therefore, it is just temporary since they will quickly figure out what you did, and you will then need to look for something new to surprise them once more.

Concentrate on fewer BJJ techniques and develop them more thoroughly.


A BJJ move is best developed by using and studying it repeatedly until you reach a deep level of ability, comprehension, and effectiveness. At that point, even if the other person has seen the move before and anticipates it from you, they will not be able to stop it. Your application of a move or concept will be effective if you have a better grasp of it and more skill with it than your opponent does with its defences.

Your opponent will be at a disadvantage if you have spent more time learning and practising the application of a BJJ technique and idea than they have spent learning and practising its defence.It may seem pointless to spend time studying and practising a BJJ technique or concept you already understand on a basic level, but each time you study and practise it, your brain's neural pathways related to its use expand. If you think of these neural pathways as thicker cables that get bigger with use, you can see how each practise increases bandwidth by allowing more information to travel along it at once, improving your performance and physical intelligence of t.

You may do the abilities they correspond to with less mental effort as these pathways become larger, and ultimately you'll be able to do so automatically. For this reason, habits are formed.

When fighting or sparring in the heat of the moment, you frequently do not have time to consider your options carefully because by the time you have done so, the window of opportunity has already closed and it is too late. Techniques and ideas must be developed to the point of becoming an unconsciously dependable physical reaction, which can only be accomplished by devoting a significant amount of time to them.

By studying a BJJ technique in greater detail, you also go beyond simply comprehending how it functions in terms of its fundamental mechanics and obtain a deeper comprehension of why it functions as well as the theories behind its efficacy that allow you to it to be effectively used, enabling you to use these in a variety of different settings and alter them as necessary at the time.

The most efficient Brazilian jiu-jitsu technique are the basic ones.

The best BJJ techniques to concentrate on and learn are the more fundamental ones because the more complex a move is, the more particular the conditions that must exist for it to be used are, and consequently, the less frequently those conditions will occur and the more narrowly its potential applications can be.

Additionally, it is more difficult to execute a manoeuvre under duress the more intricate it is. regions of the brain that are used while under stress, especially when adrenaline is present, such as in a competitive or self-defense situation, alter, and regions associated to intelligence and complex cognition lock down in favour of the parts related to fundamental physicality.

Gross motor skills (big, uncomplicated, forceful, broad physical motions) are simpler to do than small motor skills (specific, complex, fiddly actions needing finesse and focus of thinking to perform). Therefore, a BJJ technique is easier to execute when you truly need it the less complicated it is.

Quality Over Quantity Improves BJJ Performance.

You will develop much more powerful jiu-jitsu than someone who experiments with a novel technique every five minutes by devoting time and thought to learning your fundamental BJJ concepts and techniques in depth rather than broadly. In addition, Jiu-Jitsu is most powerful when you understand WHY a technique or concept works rather than just HOW it does.

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