How can I get NOC from the Delhi pollution control board?

What are the functions of the Delhi Pollution Control Board?

The main functions of the DPCC are

  1. Provide valuable advice to the Delhi government on preventing and controlling water and air pollution and improving air quality.
  2. Organize a comprehensive mass awareness program on preventing and controlling air and water pollution.
  3. Compile, collect, and publish statistical and technical data on water and air pollution and the measures devised for effective control, prevention, or control.
  4. Prepare the manual codes and guidelines for treating and disposing of trade effluents and sewage and stack gas cleaning devices, ducts, and stacks.
  5. Disseminate the information concerning the prevention and control of water and air pollution.
  6. Lay down the norms for sewage treatment, trade effluents, and emissions from industrial plants and other polluting sources.
  7. Chalk the reliable and cost-effective methods of treating sewage, air pollution, and trade effluent.
  8. Assess the air and water quality, inspect wastewater treatment installations, air pollution control equipment, and industrial and manufacturing structures, and evaluate their performance.
  9. Issuance of consent certificates to the industries falling in confirming areas under the green and orange categories
  10. Issuing authorization to hospitals, animal clinics, blood banks, and more

What is pollution NOC Delhi?

The Delhi Pollution control committee provides no objection certificate or NOC to every business as per the category based on the level of pollutant an industry/establishment releases.

The NOC comes in two categories- Content to establish and Consent to operate.

Consent to Establish is NOC given by the DPCC before you start your business or enterprise and is mandatory for companies to obtain CTE before the commencement of the business.

The State pollution control board issues content to operate a business after you have received your Content to Establish.

How to obtain NOC from the DPCC board?

  1. Identifying the eligibility and applicability of establishment or industry
  2. Identifying the category and location of the respective industry or establishment
  3. Preparing drafts for filing of an application for DPCC NOC
  4. Preparing and filing of an application for DPCC NOC
  5. A designated officer will inspect the business on scrutiny
  6. After successful and satisfactory scrutiny, the NOC is issued by DPCC

Wrap up

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