The newest and possibly finest way to climb Kilimanjaro is via the Northern Circuit Route. Because he creates a fantastic trek by fusing the best aspects of various routes. This is undoubtedly the route for you if you're seeking for stunning scenery, lots of solitude, a fun challenge, and the chance to see wildlife. For the first several days, the Northern Circuit route travels along the same path as the Lemosho route; however, instead of staying on the south side of Kibo, it takes a less well-trodden northern track.


The campground is quiet, peaceful, and virtually deserted, as there are few other hikers on this trail.

The Northern Circuit trail is longer than the others, allowing hikers to see more of the mountain. You will not only be able to hike the impressive Shira Plateau, but you will also be able to see Kibo Peak and Uhuru Summit along the way.

As you climb Kilimanjaro, you can also enjoy breathtaking views of the plains to the north of the mountain.

Which Kilimanjaro route is the most successful? The Northern Circuit route, which is closer to the south of Kilimanjaro, has the highest Kilimanjaro success rate of 98%. This is the newest and longest route, with the most spectacular 360-degree views of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro The Northern Circuit route has the highest success rate of any route on Kilimanjaro due to its long distance and proximity to the same altitude for acclimatization.


What is the difficulty level of the Northern Circuit route?         The Northern Circuit is the easiest of the Kilimanjaro routes. Despite being the longest route, the long itinerary ensures an optimal acclimatization profile, making the trek less difficult. The 9-day physical trek is ideal for acclimatization and easy walking in general. A high level of fitness is strongly advised. How long and how many days does the Northern Circuit Route take? The Northern Circuit Route trek is 88 kilometers long (53 miles) The Northern Circuit route necessitates a minimum of eight days. Short ascents are possible. but necessitate several days of arduous hiking 10 or 12 days if you include the arrival and departure dates To boost your profit, however, it is advised to hike for 9 days or more since it is one of the mountain's longest treks.


With a few exceptions Climbing Kilimanjaro offers his nine-day Northern Circuit trek. Climbing Kilimanjaro offers his nine-day trek on the Northern Circuit, where you might spot the elusive eland and buffalo that come to lick minerals from natural caves on Kilimanjaro's high slopes.



What percentage of climbs on the Northern Circuit route are successful?                                                                                                    The Northern Circuit provides the most opportunity for acclimatization and is the longest route up Kilimanjaro. Although there are no official figures, 90% of operators succeed on average. The Northern Circuit route has a success record of over 98%, though! How does the northern route's scenery look? The primary route involves traveling across the Shira Plateau and through the lush Lemosho forest. As climbers make their way up Kilimanjaro's rugged and rarely traveled north face, the environment becomes drier and more dismal. You may occasionally spot the elusive eland and buffalo that come to lick minerals from natural caves on Kilimanjaro's steep slopes because it is so remote.



When is the best time to travel the Trek Northern Circuit?

The Northern Circuit route is best hiked between July and September when the weather is most stable and the chance of rain is lowest. However, because of its proximity to the equator, the mountain can be climbed at any time of year. However, April and May are rainy months, so avoid them.


How long is the Kilimanjaro Northern Circuit Route?


It is a 96km course in 9 days that goes from the west side of the mountain, around the north slope, around the northeast slope, and down the southeast side.


Is there traffic on the Northern Circuit route?

No, this path is the least crowded. Longer travel lengths and higher costs are the primary causes. But nothing compares to it for a quiet alpine experience. What attire is appropriate for the climb of the Northern Circuit?

You will need to carry extra underwear and undergarments than what is listed on your Kilimanjaro packing list because this journey will last nine days. Make sure you can withstand the sun, rain, and cold. You may anticipate a wide range of weather conditions because the mountain is located at a high altitude near the equator.



All other routes on the Kilimanjaro route combined are shorter than the Northern Circuit route .

It is a short distance to the Londorossi gate and the summit of Moshi. The northern loop then descends into the Kilimanjaro jungle for the first few days, following the Lemosho path. Then gradually climb the Shira ridge and across the Shira high plateau. You will exit the Lemosho road once you get to the lava tower and turn right to continue around the northern circuit. The advantage of encountering fewer automobiles is that the north side of Kilimanjaro is farther away than the other sides. The Kilimanjaro hike takes at least eight days to accomplish. But it's preferable to  give it one more day, and the likelihood of success will increase. The success rate for the Northern Tour is 90%. However, an additional day additional day


atop the mountain contributes to the Northern Circuit hikers' comparatively high success rate. In other words, a trip that is longer has higher acclimatization. Your body can naturally "go high and sleep low," which aids in climatization. Additionally, it provides beginners with wonderful scenery, notably the northern slope, which is quieter and less crowded. During the Kilimanjaro hike, only the North Circular Route offers this serene setting. With this slightly longer path, you may take advantage of the diverse settings while exploring more of Kilimanjaro.



The Northern Loop Route requires a minimum of eight days to complete your Kilimanjaro trip. However, we recommend a 9-day schedule because the extra day will allow you to acclimate. The main criterion, especially on this route, is to

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