5 Types of T-Shirt for Women Suitable for Any Occasion

Fun Fact - Do you know that the t shirt we all love to wear all day, every day was not for us?

Yes, originally women t shirts were not in concept. T shirts are designed for men to wear as an undergarment. Over time it became popular in men's and later arrived in women's fashion.

Now, T shirts for women have become a wardrobe staple. No women's wardrobe is complete without a stack of different types of t shirts.

This article covers five types of t shirt for women to style for any occasion.

  1. Basic half sleeves t shirt for women  - This is one of the most common women t shirts in every women’s wardrobe. It comes with a crew neckline and is popular among both men and women. T shirts for women with the crew neckline suit everyone and look good with any bottom.
  2. Full Sleeves t shirt -  Full sleeves t shirts are quite similar to the basic half sleeves t-shirts for men but with long or full arms.
  3. Polo T shirts for women - Polo t-shirts are a classic masterpiece for both men and women. Polo t shirts for women paired with denim be worn for any casual outing. You can also wear them with sweatpants while workout at the gym.
  4. Crop Women T shirts - Crop t shirts for women are in trend for a long time. They are shorts and slightly expose your navel or waist area. They look best with high-waist jeans and skirts. 
  5. Hooded T shirts for Women  - Hooded women t shirts look cool and give sporty vibes. Pair them with denim jeans or layer them with a denim jacket, hooded t shirts for women to look best either way.


Conclusion: T shirts for women are a timeless piece of garment. Available in various colours and styles, women t shirts are the wardrobe must-have. This article gives an introduction to 5 must-have women t shirts.

Author’s Bio: The author of this article has a keen interest in fashion and gives productive advice on attire. This conclusion comes with thorough research to better understand the readers who wish to pursue a new fashionable lifestyle.



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