5 Multi-Location Problems Solved by Property Management Software

What is property management?

Property management is the day-to-day control by an outside contractor of residential, commercial, or industrial real estate.

When you initially begin property management, things could appear relatively straightforward.

This is especially true if your properties are spread out over a wide geographic area or include a variety of property kinds.

Fortunately, the appropriate software solution can deal with these typical problems.

PMS by Emerald Softwares Dubai

Let’s look at the problem and the solution by property management software

1. Locations visibility at the Corporate Level

Regular meetings with location managers can require a significant time commitment.

It takes time to schedule a monthly or quarterly meeting where you must sit through each manager’s presentation.

The preparation of those presentations takes time from your managers as well.

But you wonder, what’s the problem with that?

Only the highlights that your managers relay to you provide you with a complete view of the performance of your locations.

And none of that information is delivered to you in real time.

Solution- Dashboard with reporting feature

You can introduce property management software with a dashboard that gathers all the information you need.

It gathers information for each location onto one screen in place of regular meetings that only cover a portion of each location.

You can use this tool to check turnover rates, rent-received, maintenance problems, or any other information you need to drill down into.

Managers may easily enter the correct data and move on to other urgent activities that will better serve their owners and tenants rather than wasting time creating presentations.

Additionally, a versatile solution will let you design unique reports that give you important information about both individual properties and all of them together.

Even better, you can examine KPIs like rental rates using that data to compare homes in the same or nearby areas.

2. Processes That Vary Between Locations

Several procedures will essentially appear the same, even for properties in various towns, regions, or states.

Listings and other marketing materials, for instance, as well as the rental application procedure, will probably have a similar structure.

There is little benefit in having each location create its documentation for each operation because those processes are so identical.

You want a dependable procedure that is consistent with your brand.

Additionally, you desire that each of your locations submit the same KPIs to you so that you may analyze their performance and find areas for improvement.

Solution – Processes with templates

You can ensure that all your locations are working together by using property management software.

Efficiency is enhanced and consistency is attained when all offices and team members use the same system, leveraging pre-defined templates and workflows.

Additionally, this will make it possible for corporate leadership to compare and evaluate KPIs across all sites with accuracy.

3. Access Questions for employee

Access to every system, report, or template is not required for every employee.

Similarly, only specific members of the selected team should be able to modify the systems above, reports, or templates.

You risk having files lost, templates moved, or reports screwed up if there is no method to govern and regulate this access.

Furthermore, it’s still a huge mess whether it was purposeful or unintentional.

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Solution – Different User Profiles

User profiles are useful in this situation.

You should be able to create user profiles with your real estate management software.

So that you may limit access to particular features.

You may also use it to lock down specific elements of the processes and documents that you have created using templates.

Property management software can create user profiles for vendors.

Access-restricted cleaning and maintenance teams can log in to check for new work orders and update old ones.

Even the submission of invoices for finished work is possible using it.

4. Not Every Need is suitable for a cookie-cutter solution

Residential property management demands a very different strategy than commercial property management and vice versa.

Similar to laws and regulations, tax laws, and other considerations, a property’s or a group of properties’ geographic location may affect these as well.

Because of this, a platform that works for everyone will fall short.

Solution: Customization

Individual locations can still modify templates in a good property management software solution to take into account regional variations in some operations.

Property managers can make modifications to their move-out templates to account for differing move-out policies in other locations, such as a different deadline for returning security deposits.

5. Reinvest in the new location

Do you have to start from scratch when you create an office in a new place?

You know what has to be set up and how to execute it, but has your team completely rewritten all the procedures and documentation?

Even if you’re updating from an existing model, find every tool, document, spreadsheet, and application you require.

Then copying and editing them for the new place takes a lot of effort.

Solution- Commercial Model Cloning

Imagine being able to duplicate your business concept and everything that comes with it whenever you create a new location.

Consider the time and work you will have saved by setting up your new workspace.

Your team might concentrate on opening new doors and providing the highest level of service to current clients rather than worrying about procedures and documentation.

As the owner of a property management company with multiple locations, you must maintain your composure and concentrate on the state and future of the company.

While it’s crucial to stay aware of your surroundings, you can’t get mired in details.

Setting up procedures and documents that enable swift and efficient management of individual locations is crucial.

Best-in-class property management software can help you save time, money, and staff by automating.

And personalizing every aspect of your property management operation.

property management software Dubai comes along with the features such as Unique Dashboard, report, user profile, and customization features.

You can easily manage your property with this real estate software Dubai.

You can keep track of payments, payments received, and pending payments.

Along with these features, you can keep a track of ending contracts along with their dates and renter information.

You can also enter new renter information with this real estate software.



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