PosBytz | Easy and convenient Zoho POS software for your business

Need to get your Shopify store up and running quickly? We have a quick go-to-market solution for you. Here's why you should choose PosBytz as a Shopify alternative.

Zoho POS Software helps you streamline financial operations and make your business profitable. Expand your business with PosBytz, and deliver a great experience to your customers.

Manually recording transactions and keeping track of all the invoices is cumbersome and can lead to errors. Zoho POS software manages data seamlessly and automatically sends reminders to get your invoices paid on time.

Another great addition is integrating with CRM. This will help keep track of your customer data and provide an in-depth analysis. You can understand the purchase behaviour and send targeted promotions to keep them enticed and stay loyal to your store. PosBytz’s single and intuitive dashboard is simple to use and has different customizable features to help run your store efficiently. 

You can easily provide refunds thanks to the flexibility of having Zoho POS software integration. Send invoices through email in different formats and ensure minimal usage of paper.

Say goodbye to cash registers thanks to PosBytz, get started now!