Persian Rug

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Persian carpets are also known as Iranian rugs. In this modern age, Traditional rugs add classical elegance to your home.

Why Persian rugs?

The Persian rug is a very high-class rug and it is mainly famous because of its length of existence and durability. The Persian carpet is thick, tight, and heavy with the best wool quality. Iranian rugs are handmade with a double-knot, making Persian rugs one of the most substantial. These rugs are famed because of their vivid colors and exciting patterns. The mats are made with natural wools, silk, and natural dyes, rather than artificial materials.


Persian Rugs Design indication: The Persian rug's design mainly indicates historical scenes, scenes from everyday life, open field, garden, religions, trees, flowers, etc. These are the patterns of the famous rugs.

History: Persian carpets originated from Iran. Iranian traditional craft is one of the reasons for its popularity. The Iranians passed the craft secrets from generation to generation and continuously from era to era until today. The essential qualities and experience of the craftsman are reflected in the elegance of the rugs. Achieve an outstanding frame all over the world.

Some famous types of Traditional Persian rugs are:

  1. Tabriz rugs
  2. Heriz Rugs
  3. Nain rugs
  4. Gabbeh etc

Tabriz rugs: This Persian rug originates from Tabriz and these rugs are very valuable. Mostly this type of rug has hunting, floral, and tree pattern.

Heriz Rugs: These rugs are available in vibrant colors and are very durable.

Nain rugs: These rugs are available in high-quality wool. These quality rugs are easy to maintain.

Gabbeh Rugs: These are thick and primarily available in simple design and orange, yellow, and red colors.

Features of Persian rugs:

  1. Longevity and durability
  2. It is comfortable to touch and sit on.
  3. It keeps the surface warmer.
  4. Purely Handmade.
  5. You can store easily by just rolling up.

How to take Care of rugs:

  1. Do not use a brush on a rug.
  2. Do not pull the thread. Use scissors if the lines come out.
  3. Try to avoid vacuum beater brush

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