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1. Choosing the Right Metal NFC Business Card Making Company

Are you looking to gain a competitive advantage in the industry? One of the things you can do is start using metal NFC business cards instead of regular paper cards. This might seem like a small thing, but it can make it so much easier to share your contact details and expand your network.

2. 3 Good Reasons to Upgrade to Custom NFC Cards

Nowadays, exchanging information doesn’t mean manually jotting down details on a piece of paper or typing them into a smartphone. The same holds for connecting to the internet or activating the entertainment system in your home. Custom NFC cards can make those tasks easier for you. One tap is all it takes to get anything done when you use near-field communication (NFC) to your advantage.

3. All You Need to Know About NFC Stickers

 Wondering how NFC stickers work? NFC stands for near-field communication, and it is widely described as an ‘upgraded version’ of RFIDs. NFC products in the market are classified into two: passive and active. NFC stickers are passive because they operate without a power supply. Also, they cannot process anything on their own. They simply transfer data.

4. Make Your Life Smart with NFC Tags

NFC technology has changed how we interact with our world. For example, relatively cheap NFC tagsenable contactless payment systems and have made home automation much more affordable. Once you have a compatible smartphone, a tag writing app, and rewritable NFC tags, you can start making the most of what this technology offers. The tags are easy to rewrite so you can experiment on different automated setups. Here are some ideas: