Manage the Guests in your Restaurant with Epos Software - Aloha

Your staff can now access the dynamic and advanced features of Aloha’s Epos software like web-based reporting, statistics etc, at their fingertips. Watch a demo NOW!

Manage the Guests in your Restaurant with Epos Software - Aloha
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Is it a hassle to manage the front hand and the backhand of your restaurant? It is always hard to please your guests who need a lot of things to be in place when they visit the restaurant. It might be a little hard for you to manage the whole restaurant and entertain your guests. Then Aloha is the solution for all your queries related to managing your restaurant. Aloha provides you with the best epos software that takes care of your entire system so that you can stay relaxed and provide for the needs of the guests.  

Your guests have expectations even when they storm in without any reservations, and it always relies on you to ensure that your guests are satisfied with your hospitality even amidst the chaos. This can be achieved with the epos software, where your guests need not wait for hours to place themselves inside the restaurant. Your staff can manage the reservations and walk-ins efficiently. Your guests are availed of an option to book a table instantly through the website, which is integrated with OpenTable making it easier for them to reserve tables from anywhere through their own mobile devices. The epos software can make the hectic task of managing the table plans easier. Aloha offers you table plans in graphs highlighting the available tables and seats so that you can place your guests accordingly without any trouble. 

The restaurant epos software is the best solution for efficiently managing restaurants’ functions. Aloha offers your guests the option of ordering and making payments from the tableside. Your guests can place orders with a note to the chef or cook on specific details that can be added. The orders will be directed to the chefs in the kitchen immediately, which avoids any errors in the order. Request a demo to experience the features of the guest management.