Main uses of phosphoric acid

Main uses of phosphoric acid

Electronics industry: In the semiconductor industry, a large number of solid solutions of InP, Gap and phosphide and Ina’s or GaAs are used, kH2PO4 and AlPO4 are used as piezoelectric crystals, and high-purity phosphine is used as a dopant.


Material surface treatment: ammonium hypophosphite as a soft flux in the field of electroless plating, calcium hypophosphite as a nutritional enhancer, and sodium hypophosphite as a reducing agent for electroless plating.


Application of phosphoric acid in the paint and pigment industry: Phosphate is mainly formulated in paint as a pigment with special functions. As flame retardant, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, radiation resistance, antibacterial, luminous and other additives, it is used in green environmental protection exterior wall coatings, white jade interior wall coatings, high-gloss cold porcelain coatings, etc. to use sodium hexametaphosphate, trisodium phosphate, tributyl phosphate esters, etc. Reducing pigments include, for example, phosphides, phosphorous acid, and hypophosphite.


The application of phosphoric acid in the detergent industry: as a washing aid such as sodium tripolyphosphate.


Application of phosphoric acid in feed field: as calcium hydrogen phosphate feed and chemical fertilizer.


Application of phosphoric acid in the field of flame retardants: inorganic flame retardants such as red phosphorus and phosphates: ammonium phosphate, ammonium polyphosphate, ammonium phosphate, boron phosphate, red phosphorus; organic flame retardants such as halogen-phosphorus


Application of phosphoric acid in food industry: phosphate as quality improver and phosphate food additives such as sodium phosphite, sodium hypophosphite


Application of phosphoric acid in water treatment industry: as water quality stabilizer. Such as scale inhibitors: organic or inorganic phosphates (esters) and dispersants such as sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium hexametaphosphate, sodium hypophosphite, these salts are also used as buffers.