Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley, Naya Pakistan Housing Program

Kingdom Valley is an outstanding residential development that is being developed with the help of  the "Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme "Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme "according to the vision of the Prime Minister.

The distinctness and specialties of this development is the fact that it is situated in an ideal location that offers a variety of plots that meet the needs and preferences of customers at an affordable price.

Intro to Kingdom Valley Islamabad.

Based on the plans that is outlined in the Prime Minister Scheme, Kingdom Valley is a new housing development situated near the Chakri intersection M2 (motorway) in Islamabad.

The project was handed over to renowned architects, engineers and designers who will ensure high-end amenities and luxury in the development.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a residential housing project that falls under the Prime Minister scheme of the "Naya Pakistan Housing Program". Kingdom Valley Islamabad provides an elegant lifestyle, with luxurious amenities that ensure the tranquil and comfortable living of residents.

The developer is building modern infrastructure, as well as planned community facilities, such as Grand Mosque, Amusement Parks, State of the Art Hospitals and Schools and specially-designed health clubs that will provide luxurious and high-end life to its residents.

The amenities offered are created by well-known architects, engineers, and designers.

Owners & Developers

Kingdom Group is the developer and owner of Kingdom Valley Islamabad. The company is known as real estate developer for their ventures. They have a long history of completing unique residential developments. The developers provide a wide range of different real estate solutions.

Kingdom Valley NOC

It is fortunate that Kingdom valley has been identified as one of Pakistan's notable residential projects that has been acknowledged in the beginning phases of its development by the Pakistan Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA).

Another benefit of this project is its association in one of the housing schemes in Pakistan, the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. The approval number for the project is "DRG/PHATA/2176-2021".