Jewelry expertise(2)

Classification of Jewelry and Jade


  1. Natural gemstone



① Natural gemstones (single crystal): diamonds, sapphires, rubies, etc



② Natural jade (aggregate): jadeite, nephrite, etc



③ Natural organic gemstones: pearl, ivory, tortoise shell, coral, shell, amber, nephrite, etc



  1. Artificial gemstones: ① synthetic gemstones ② artificial gemstones ③ combined gemstones ④ reconstituted gemstones



Note: Jade: jadeite and its jade The four famous Chinese jades: Hotan jade in Xinjiang, Dushan jade in Henan, Xiuyu jade in Liaoning, turquoise jewelry in Hubei



  1. Industrial means



① Inlaid: diamond, red blue treasure and other gemstone inlaid jewelry.



② Pure gold: pure gold, pure silver, yellow white k gold, pt (platinum), 925 silver


Naming of Jewelry and Jade



  1. Named by color: ruby, sapphire, etc



  1. Named after special optical effects: opal, starlight ruby, etc



  1. Named by origin: Xiuyu (Xiuyan County, Liaoning Province), Dushan Jade (Dushan, Nanyang, Henan Province), Hotan Jade (Hotan, Xinjiang), Tanzanite (Tanzania)



  1. Named after minerals and rocks: beryl, spinel, lapis lazuli, etc




  1. Traditional names: emerald, amber, etc




  1. Named after a person: Alexandrite



  1. Named after transliteration: Oupo, Topaz, etc



  1. Named after the manufacturer and production method: Linde Emerald


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