Increase your sales with Posbytz’s eCommerce platform

Posbytz’s eCommerce platform helps you personalize the visuals so that you can effectively communicate your brand to your customers. The best part is that it is free and simple.

The pandemic has moved many customers to shift to a digital way of shopping. Thus, it is important as a business owner to look for an eCommerce portal that allows you to build an online store for free. Posbytz provides you with the opportunity to build and even easily manage your online store without additional support. Providing the best customer experience is important to ensure high customer satisfaction and retention. Posbytz allows you to manage your store, view customer details, order histories and also keep track of your returns.

Posbytz also ensures that your payments are through well-known gateways. This gives your customer a seamless and secure checkout experience. Having a good checkout experience means high sales for your business. This is what Posbytz’s eCommerce platform aims to provide. Posbytz’s comprehensive inventory management system helps understand the customer order histories, contact information and run your daily operations smoothly.

It provides you with automated alerts when your stocks get depleted. Get your store noticed by having your own domain name. Not all online platform vendors allow you the flexibility of having your own domain name. Posbytz allows your brand to build a strong online presence through its unique domain name. It also includes a free SSL certificate. This means your content, credit card and transaction information is protected. Create an exceptional website with unified commerce with Pozbytz. Reach out to us for any assistance. Creating an online store can be done in 3 simple steps

  1. Start a free account with Posbytz
  2. Add the products you would like to sell 
  3. Finally launch your store.