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Read About HarithaHaram Program in Hyderabad on HYD7AM

Hyderabad News: Evergreen, go Green. Deforestation is increasing day by day just because of our needs, pollution and deforestation are one of the major issues in the world. Today in the world there are many drives happening all around for spreading awareness about planting trees more and reducing the pollution. Many people/organizations/companies/governments have taken many initiatives for plantation drives and work on reducing pollution.

 The state government of Telangana also has taken the initiative of afforestation, the launch of the HarithaHaram program in 2015. The Telangana government has planet 220.7 crores of plants across the state till now.

The HarithaHaram is targeted to plant 19.91 crores of saplings across the State, which if completed, will exceed the HarithaHaram target of 230 crores of saplings.  The program started in 2015 with the target of planting 230 crores of plants. As of the 15,241 nurseries available across the state.

This is the seventh phase of the program. Earlier, in the sixth phase of the program a total of 220.7 crores of saplings have been planted, of which 159.88 crores have been planted outside the forests and 60.81 crores inside.

The Telangana State government’s flagship program Telangana Ku HarithaHaram took initiative to improve the green cover throughout the state and is the biggest plantation drive in the country and third in the world after China and Brazil. In the past years, the forest department has planted over 160 crores of plants outside the forest areas and another 80 crores within the forest area in the year 2021.

Hyderabad City is at the top among the megacities, which gained maximum green cover with 48.66 square km in a decade in the country. The state government has shared the plan of a green budget and green fund and now it is mandatory for all local bodies both urban and rural to spend 10% of their Budget on the plantation drive.

Now the government has set a target of planting 19.91 crores of plants across the state in the year 2021-22 as a part of the Telangana Ku HairthaHaram program. The target for the Hyderabad municipal cooperation is 1.2 crores of plants. The Telangana has increased by 3.67% in the greenery. Also, the state government has decided to build 109 Urban forest parks in the state of which 35 parks have already been made and open to the public, 18 are ready to be open to the public, and 56 are to be completed in the next one year.

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