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Though there are some facts about vaping that are still unknown, studies have shown that vaping is the best alternative to cigarettes. If you want to quit your smoking habit then you should opt for e-cigs (vapes).The question arises here: is vaping better than smoking? Well the answer is vaping is 95% better than smoking and it has no severe effects on human health. 


Smoking affects the functionality of your heart and badly damages the blood vessels. The tobacco in cigarettes makes it more dangerous for human health. On the other hand, vapes do not contain tobacco which makes them more adequate as compared to cigarettes.

Tar, and other noxious chemicals in cigarettes are highly harmful to human health. People who are not familiar with vapes often think that it burns tobacco. Well, it’s a misconception. A disposable vape like IVG Bar and Aroma king vape doesn't burn tobacco and does not produce harmful smoke.



Zero harmful Compounds:


One of the most important factors about vaping is that it does not contain any tar and does not burn tobacco. Instead, it creates vapor by heating an e-liquid that usually contains a small amount of nicotine. An e-liquid is heated by the coil that is inside the cartridge of a vape.


Well, there are a lot of misconceptions about vapes, one of them is that they contain a heavy amount of nicotine and other toxic chemicals. This is not true, though it does contain nicotine, but the amount is so less that it does not affect humans.


 If you are fond of vapes and do not want to inhale nicotine then you can opt for a zero-nicotine vape. A zero-nicotine vape gives you proper pleasure and won't affect your health.




Switching to vaping can benefit you a lot. For instance, if you are a regular smoker, you definitely know how expensive cigarettes are. It is because tobacco products are heavily taxed, and if you are a chain smoker, it could burden you financially. When you switch to vaping, you will notice how cost-effective the vapes are.


Although the initial investment of the vapes and their accessories is a little higher, if you maintain them properly and take good care of them, they will last longer. Once you have purchased quality products, it will help you in the long run. 



No Bad Breath!


When a person smokes too many cigarettes, they start smelling like an ashtray! There are many people out there who seriously hate the smell of cigarettes. Additionally, the smell of cigarettes causes various allergies among different people.


The e-liquid used in vapes gives an exquisite scent and does not provide harshness to your throat. When you vape, you inhale a vapor, which does not produce any bad smell. So, switching to vapes can help you get rid of the lingering odor!


Customized E-Cigs


Customization of vapes provides you with multiple options. One of the preeminent benefits of having a customized vape is you can change the flavors any time you want.


Whether you like a menthol flavor or you are a blueberry lover, you can select any flavor of your choice! Choosing the right flavor from the right people can be hard sometimes.


So if you need quality flavor then we suggest you take a look at IVG E-liquids and Dinner Lady E-liquid. Their e-juices are made of high quality material and you can easily afford them. 


Adjusting Nicotine levels



 A vape contains nicotine. The levels of nicotine can be adjusted according to one's taste. One of the main reasons why vaping is better than smoking is that it makes you less addicted and satisfies your nicotine craving. You can adjust the nicotine levels the way you want.


Nicotine is one of the crucial elements for any smoker. If you are a smoker you definitely know the importance of nicotine. It has been seen that many people who smoke, couldn't easily quit smoking due to nicotine.



For instance, if you are a heavy smoker, you can increase the level of nicotine and then reduce it gradually. The majority of smokers have been using this technique, and studies have shown that it helps them quit smoking permanently.