How to Treat A Fall Injury?

Fall injuries can turn very painful. But how to treat a fall injury? Find everything that you need to know about fall injuries now!

How to Treat A Fall Injury?
Treat A Fall Injury

Did you fall and need the reassurance of treating a fall injury? First, keep yourself calm before you start doing anything.

There are a few important precautions that you need to follow when you fall. However, if someone else is responsible for your fall, you can hire a slip and fall lawyer to seek help.

This article will find about all possible things you can do to treat a fall injury. So, let's get started.

How to recover from a fall?

You can get injured when you're getting up from a fall. If you face weakness in your muscles or painful joints, you should know that it's an alarm that you're hurt.

Here are a few steps you can follow to recover from a fall:

  • Roll on your side
  • Pull up yourself to sit down
  • Use your knees and hands to sit
  • Crawl toward a strong furniture
  • Use furniture to take support, e.g., sofa or chair
  • Kneel next to the furniture
  • Slide the strong foot on the floor while leaving the other on the floor
  • Put your hands on the furniture
  • Turn your body to get up
  • Sit for a while, starting to work again
  • Check for your injuries.

How to treat a fall injury?

Here are a few things you can do whenever you fall into an injury.

1.    Check your injuries

When you fall, the first thing that you need to check is whether you're hurt. If you want a thorough checkup, it is important to get a full body checkup.

This will help to find whether you got any internal bleeding or soft tissue injuries. However, you can easily get up if you're not hurt.

When you're not hurt, it would be best to assist others when you get up. However, some people tend to avoid taking the help of others.

Obviously, you can call someone for help when you can't get up after the fall.

2.    Ask for assistance

If you feel you got any injury on your fall, it would be best to ask for assistance, or the situation could get worse.

However, you can also ask for assistance even when you don't have any injuries.

There are 5 different ways to ask for assistance, which are:

  • Use your community alarm
  • Call your family or friends
  • Call 999 for medical help
  • Call on through your smart speaker
  • Try banging or screaming to get attention

Most people don't own a community alarm, or your phone can be far away. So, it would be best to keep them close for safety issues.

However, keep your phone charged because you never know what emergency you might get into.

Additionally, you can set an emergency number on your speed dial to avoid wasting time searching for people when you fall.

Also, you can provide a spare key to someone close to you. They can use it to get in your place for support.

There are secure boxes as "police approved key safe" in many places where you can leave a spare key of your place. You can share the code with people in case of an emergency.

3.    Move around

You might find it funny but move around to know your situation properly. As it's not possible to immediately get help, you can rest for a few seconds.

But it is very important to move around for the betterment of your health. Sitting down for a long time could make your body sore or stiff, which will affect your body in the long run.

4.    Stay warm

While you wait for help, it is important to stay warm. If you avoid staying warm, your fall could result in hypothermia.

There are a few ways to stay warm, which are:

  • Stay on a soft surface like rugs or carpets

Hard surfaces would take more time to turn you warm. If you wet your floor, you need to move from the wet surface.

  • Use your blanket or cover yourself
  • Stay away from drafts
  • Try moving around
  • Drink warm drinks
  • Use a heater

5.    Drink water

If you stay a long time on the floor, your body will turn dehydrated. Therefore, you can move for water and start taking small sips.

6.    Treat your injuries

You can follow these 4 main ways to treat your injuries:


One way to recover from inflammation is to use ice. The ice can remove extra heat in the bodies, which you can get from the fall. Therefore, the ice can reduce pain and swelling.


It would be best to avoid resting. So, you can slowly move around to recover from the fall.


You can also avoid elevating yourself so that your body doesn't absorb external fluids. However, the extra fluids can result in swelling in your body.

Therefore, use a soft material to rest while keeping the body to a straight level. This means that your body needs to be free and uncompressed.


Compression helps the blood in your body to flow properly. Therefore, you can wrap up to provide support. Eventually, your body will get less swelling.

What would you do if someone else fell?

You will feel pain when you fall. However, when you see someone else fall, you can provide them assistance.

Additionally, you can also reassure and assess the falling situation with them. Mental support would also work like medicine in such cases.

Final Words

In conclusion, anyone can fall at any situation or any time. However, you can follow the safety measures that are mentioned above.

In an extreme case, if you injure yourself, you need to immediately call an ambulance or ask someone to take you to the nearest medical.