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How to self defense with walking canes

Many of those tractor supply canes and amazon canes and CVS Walgreens canes at nine dollars to 15 to 20 each then I could have bought five of these you can buy five of these for all the ones you're gonna break in training and you should always train if you go with a cheaper cane but look at the link below you can get the super cheap one you can spend a little money get the fancy one like me that has this teardrop and what's the purpose of that teardrop the purpose of this obviously is to give you a better grip when you get sweaty this might be a little bit blood because it's self-defense but then that teardrop is designed to break bones shatter bones to pierce.


That skin to compress the flesh to shatter that arm the shadow of that hand that's carrying the knife coming forward here and the pump coming the back way so just a different one and if you don't have a cane practice with a stick that's a great question Adjustable walking canes let me grab this stick comes with me though getting a little carried away here's an option this is a 54-inch joe where's the other one here we go this is a walking stick 36 inches it's exact same length as a cane it just doesn't have the crook can you do the same things with a homemade self-defense walking stick you can sorry let me change the angle there messed it all up I need to get a real tripod again I'm playing the cards close to the vest I'm watching gas prices go through the roof food prices go through the roof and if you haven't started to prepare for what's.


Coming next go to the grocery store when you can buy a little bit extra of the things that you know you're going to use because if you buy them today the prices are going up they're going up 20 by the summertime almost anywhere where you live canes for walking  20 25 so if you buy them and that's not just me that's not just the crazy preppers talking those are the industry experts in the food industry saying you better buy some stuff now because if you do you'll be buying it at a discount and then six months from now you're not going to be able to buy as much if you're on a fixed income because the price is going up and they're not going to send you the difference anyway this less than 10 bucks this comes from lowe's home depot any do-it-yourself store.