How to Match Jewelry for the Right Occasion


For many friends who have just entered the society, there will be a phobia of choice! In fact, wearing jewelry and choosing clothes should also pay attention to the occasion.
For example, in the workplace, choosing small and delicate jewelry is the most suitable. Styling can choose minimalist style. Such jewelry will give people a feeling of competence in the work environment and will not attract too much attention from others.
However, it should be noted that if you are a new employee, it is recommended to wear stud earrings instead of large overhanging earrings!
If it is a formal occasion such as a wedding or a corporate annual meeting, then at this time, you can take out the jewelry at the bottom of the pressure box at home, and it is generally recommended to wear more uniform jewelry, such as jewelry with consistent material color and gemstone type.
This will appear more decent, and at the same time not too abrupt. Of course, if you are wearing a dress, the jewelry will also choose a precious class, which is consistent with the style of clothing.
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