How to Make Temporary Tattoos with Printer?

Are you still being skeptical about using your printer in making temporary tattoos? Read our 5 easy steps to overcome your hesitation.

How to Make Temporary Tattoos with Printer?
Make Temporary Tattoos with Printer

Having tattoos on different body parts has always been a famous trend. Though people are interested in tattooing, very few dare to tattoo their bodies permanently. So, in this case, the business of temporary tattoos has won the game.

Temporary tattoos allow changing the design frequently according to their desire. Hence, teenagers are the most enthusiasts and act desperate in this case. Most of the time, they look for alternative ways to make tattoos to save money and be a part of the trend at the same time.

In this article, you'll learn how to make temporary tattoos diy with perfume with the help of a printer.

5 Steps to make temporary tattoos with perfume

There are so many alternative ways of making temporary tattoos which you can find on YouTube or Google. Among all those exciting and peculiar processes, let's look at the process of creating temporary tattoos using the printer.

STEP 1: Choosing design

In making your temporary tattoo using the printer at your home, the first step is choosing the design you want in your body. The design you select depicts your inner personality of you. So, before making the tattoo, you have to choose the design very carefully.

There could be so many crazy purposes of making temporary tattoos in your body, such as cosplay, attending a concert, costume party, etc., such kinds of parties are theme-based most of the time.

So, you can choose your design matching those themes. It will help hold a unique and iconic personality at the party making you more attractive.

This is the best chance to express yourself in public in a more sophisticated and versatile way, and nobody would ever love to miss this golden chance. So, once you choose the design, you can consider your half work is done in this whole process.

STEP 2: Using tape and printer

In the second step, you have to collect a tape and a printer that you can easily find at your home. The type of your printer matters a lot in this situation. The outcome of the tattoo depends on the quality of the printer you are using to make the tattoo.

The most important element is the ink of your printer. First of all, this has to be safe for your skin. The depth of the color will depict the color of your tattoo. If the ink is too dark, the tattoo color will become dark black, and if the ink color is faded, the tattoo's color will also be faded.

While using the tape, you have to cover it to the whole page if the tattoo is big. Now print the design in it and remove it carefully without touching the design's ink. After that, you can cut the paper according to your convenient size.

STEP 3: Transferring image

In this step, you have to transfer the design to your body, where you want the tattoo to be. Before starting the transferring process, you should clean the body part where you want the tattoo to be placed. So, after washing it, wipe it with a cloth or dry it. If your skin is hairy, the outcome can be a little faded.

Now you have to place the paper in your skin and run your palm over it to set the ink properly in your skin. Once you feel the ink has been appropriately placed on your skin, you must be ready to peel it off your skin. The outcome would be the best if you could peel it off in only one shoot.

So, take a deep breath and do it. Once you peel off the paper, touch over the tattoo to see if the ink has transferred properly or not.

STEP 4: Different results

In this step number 4, you have to wait until the ink is dry. To get different results and color combinations as deep or faded, you must peel off the paper following an exact time gap.

You can also wipe the colors where you want them faded. Perfume can help here in this case. You can also watch temporary tattoos DIY with perfume online to use scent in this process.

STEP 5: finishing touch

In this last step, once the ink is dry, you can say that the tattoo is done, but you can still make it better if you want. You can make it colorful by using different colors. Colorful tattoos are also popular in heavy metal culture.

The fifth step ends after coloring the tattoo. Now you are ready to show off your tattoo. The tattoo will remain the same until you wash it. You can easily clean it with soap or shampoo to remove the color.

Final verdict

Tattooing can make you look cool and attractive, but too much tattooing can bring the opposite reaction to your skin. Be extra careful about the ink you are using to make the tattoos.

If the ink is contaminated, it can also result in skin cancer. So, before adopting random processes of making temporary tattoos in your skin, ensure the safety of your skin.