How to install a window blind

Blinds and shades allow both, since they are easy to open fully, partially, or close completely. The desire to cover a window or enhance a view is nothing new.

Hello, we've just installed an Ikea blind in our downstairs bathroom. So I thought I'd tell you how we did it. Now just before I do a couple of quick things, this is the blind itself. I think it's nice. It's nice and sheer. It works easily. You just need to put it down to wherever you want it to sit and then you let go and it just stops just like that. So very very simple to use and operate as you may be able to see behind that we've got a frosted glass. So we didn't have complete visibility into this room before but we found that actually, you could still see people's shadows in here. So we just wanted to add this extra layer for increasing the privacy basically but we didn't want to completely block out the light. So this cordless blind from Ikea was a nice option we're really happy with the look of its quick word. Before I tell you how we did it about actually choosing blinds. We were going to go down a different route. We had this blind from blinds to go and that was made to measure blind. Now I won't tell you the whole long boring story but basically, it costs a lot more than the Ikea blind didn't come with insurance. So when it arrived and it wasn't the right size we couldn't send it back now their interpretation of what was the right size and our interpretation were quite different. We didn't like the way it didn't fill the space they said tough luck. It was within their tolerances. So we couldn't send it back. We ordered two blinds at that time. So we now have two blinds which we aren't happy with, the size of which we can't send back to other companies who sell these kinds of made-to-measure blinds do include insurance. 

So if you're going down the made to measure option lookout for something that does because there's quite a good chance that you won't be happy with what you're sent. So if you've got the option to send it back it's better than the situation we're in with two blinds that we don't want to use but this one is lovely luckily it fits perfectly from the shop just outside the window like that and fits snugly. So we're really happy with it from that perspective. Let's tell you how we did it. So I hope you found that useful and it gave you a flavor of how easy these cordless window blinds are to install as you can see Steve and my other half did it single-handedly and made it look very easy. So I would recommend to anyone that it's worth a try. Just one thing to add is that we use the brown wall plugs because we were drilling into masonry just to check what you're drilling into. So that you can select the appropriate wall plug of course if you're drilling into plasterboard you'll need a plasterboard fixing. So just a little point to remember but that's it for today if you enjoyed this article please do give it a thumbs up and if you're new here I would love it if you like and share. I post lots of home content renovation ideas, renovation tips, home hacks, and so on. So it would be great to see you back very soon but that's all for today bye.